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The Orange::44 Preseason Week of Fury & Awesome

The season is about to begin. You're either excited or dead.
The summer is practically done, the kiddies are back in school, and it is time for another season of college football. And that means we break the bank with preview articles all week leading up to the kickoff of Syracuse's 2010 campaign this Saturday.
The schedule is as follows:
Monday: John Brennan begins his and our 2010 Campaign with a brand new edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, a weekly series that informs you of the quarterback situation at Syracuse and who will likely be under center on Saturday. I'll also be back for part 3 of the Orange::44 Legislation Project where we examine fan behavior at and around games.
Tuesday: Orange::44 begins its annual Big East Prospectus where we examine the eight teams that form the Big East football conference. We start with Cincinnati and Connecticut as we progress through the eight teams in alphabetical order but finishing with Syracuse.
Wednesday: We continue the prospectus with probably the best and worst the conference has to offer. We start with Louisville and end with Pittsburgh.
Thursday: We take a look at two very geographically different teams. We start with Rutgers and end in Tampa with South Florida.
Friday: The first Friday of the season is here, which means big things. Of course if you are inclined to check out Twitter you'll notice that the first #BeatWhoever of the season is in full effect. There will be #BeatAkron quips all day (and you can follow the Orange::44 staff @BH_Orange44 or @JBren). If you need a refresher, check out Hoya Suxa. We also finish the Big East Prospectus with West Virginia and finally Syracuse. As it is the day before a game we will of course do our usual preview of the game as well, to get you mentally prepared for the upcoming epic tilt that will be the most action the city of Akron has seen in years. I'll also be appearing on Matt Mc's Sports Fix, along with some other great SU Bloggers and personalties, in his second annual Season Preview show. Should be a blast so tune in or download the podcast.
So there is your schedule for the upcoming fun that is the start of college football and specifically Syracuse football. Tune in early and often all week and get ready to get your football on.

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