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Monday Morning Quarterback 8/30/10

Any one of these young men could be a hero

Editor’s Note: The following article is a weekly feature from Orange::44 correspondent John Brennan (twitter @jbren) that runs every Monday morning during the football season called Monday Morning Quarterback, assessing the quarterback situation of Syracuse football.

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Morning Quarterback for the 2010 season here at Orange::44! It’s good to be back. We’ve had the luxury of Spring Ball, informal workouts through the summer, and training camp the past few weeks. It is now officially game week! The quarterback situation seems to be nothing like it was last season; no Greg Paulus to keep us busy. Head Coach Doug Marrone has been real hot on Ryan Nassib. So he’s our guy.

For those of you who read my article last season, you know I wasn’t a huge Ryan Nassib fan. I drank the Paulus Kool-Aid. I admit it. And what I saw of Nassib wasn’t very impressive. In fact, back then, I put my Weekly QB Watch probability for 2010 opening game starter as Charley Loeb 99%, Nassib 0%, and other 1%.

Looks like I was wrong.

That’s OK though. Like I said many times last year, Marrone knows what he’s doing, and I gotta trust him. He liked Nassib in the Spring, and he likes him now. He’s our guy.

Orange::44 proprietor Brian Harrison had an opportunity to see both Nassib and Loeb in action at the FanFest a couple weeks ago. His report was that Nassib was making some poor decisions, and Loeb looked pretty good. By that point, Marrone had already announced Nassib as the starter. So maybe Nassib was just having a bad day or something. I don’t know.

I guess what this boils down to is that there’s no QB controversy in Syracuse right now, and I’m trying to make one. Without one, this column is pretty worthless. More worthless than it is to begin with! But I guess, bottom line, as long as the team does well and wins with Nassib taking the snaps, then I don’t care.

The first hurdle to get over is Akron. Not an unfamiliar foe in recent years, Akron boasts, well, um, I guess they field a team. I’ll be honest, I haven’t done a scouting report. All I know is Syracuse is an 8.5 favorite going into this game. That means that people expect this offense to score points. Ryan Nassib, please make that happen.

The Weekly QB Watch

Since there’s no controversy, instead of listing the probability of who will start the next game, I will instead be devoting this section to performance guesses until such time as a controversy does develop. OK. Against Akron, Nassib will have two touchdowns and throw for 215 yards.

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