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This isn't a mugshot. But it could be.

The lawdogs of Orange::44 take pride in chronicling the alleged criminal activities of players around the Big East, sometimes unfortunately involving our own beloved Orangemen. However, this story has a happy ending for Syracuse fans, as this is a story about a Pittsburgh Panther finding himself in trouble.

Early Sunday morning, according to a story appearing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pitt senior defensive end Jabaal Sheard was arrested after a fight on numerous charges, including aggravated assault and resisting arrest. The University of Pittsburgh was quick to respond, indefinitely banning Sheard from all team activities. The newspaper reports that Sheard was involved in a fight with one Edward Parker when an off duty police officer identified himself and told him to stop fighting. As the fighting continued, the officer took out his baton and hit Sheard with it numerous times in an attempt to stop the fight.

Not to be outdone by the escalation in violence, Sheard threw Parker through the glass window of an art gallery store, then continued punching him in the face while he was down on the ground bleeding. The two men were finally subdued by pepper spray.

While this is obviously very early on in the legal process (and police say Parker himself may also be facing charges), you can't help but think that this just got very unnecessarily out of hand. Even in a drunken fight over a girl or whatever, you should know enough to lay off once the cops get involved; or once you throw someone through a glass window; or once he's on the ground bleeding. But no. Sheard kept one-upping the situation. This guy is obviously full or rage. And/or drugs. Time will tell.

What does this mean for Syracuse? Well, I think this, plus the recent arrest of Johnny Patrick of Louisville's defense, points to one thing: the Big East is clearly afraid of the offensive product the Syracuse Orangemen will be putting on the field. These defensive players don't want to be part of highlight reels on SportsCenter, so they figure if they get themselves suspended they can save themselves the embarrassment. At least, that's my theory for now.

Alternate theory, 1B if you will, is that they all know that Delone Carter will be coming back, and they don't want to deal with him. Let's hope that's true.

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