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See Eric, life's more fun when you don't do stupid shit.
A lot happened in the week that was. I missed covering it because I had my finals. You were probably saying “Ohhh the smarmy lawyer dude had finals. Who cares?!” Well I did, that is why I did them and not this. Therefore it is time to catch your ass up.

Cleveland State
I actually did not watch this game because I was studying. But I surely could not avoid it after the fact for about 36 hours thanks to ESPN and all my friends I ran into that went to any other Big East school. The stat sheet for this game does not look that bad as Syracuse went 54% from the floor and 40% from three point range. However, we all know that the defense and intensity was not up to par, and shooting 50% from the free throw line (9-18) is simply unacceptable. Devendorf showed no mental effects from the entire Judicial Board junk as he lead in scoring with 17 points. Syracuse did not deserve to win this game, and fate would have it that they would not. Hopefully this has lit a sufficient fire under their asses, but that has yet to be seen. Jim Boeheim said it best. He doesn’t think this team will win any Big East games. If they play like they did this game, it is true. Syracuse loses their first game of the year 72 to 69.

The cure for what ails you; a sub-par team that Syracuse has beaten the last 18 times before. Rick Jac… wait. Rick Jackson? Really?! Rick! Rick Jackson was your leading scorer with 14 points. Paul Harris also had a great game earning a double-double of 13 points and 11 rebounds. Jonny Flynn got a tech. Nice. Either way, nothing too spectacular to report here. Just a decent game against a lesser non-conference team. Syracuse wins 82 to 60.

This guy is quitting jobs, hiring people left and right, and seems to be making everyone feel a lot better about the future of Syracuse Football, which is the idea. I’m liking a lot of what I have seen so far. He’s filling out a nice staff that should help him with recruiting and his approval rating in my mind is shooting up by the day. Donovan McNabb’s interest is peaked (H/T: Kirk).

The Judicial Board
As a student at SU (and for the record I have never appeared in front of them) I thought that the Judicial Board was an absolute farce. As a law student/lawyer I find it ridiculous that this process is able to exist and SU still claims to be for truth, justice, and the American Way, etc. However, the board that reviewed the appeal has decided that he can come back after 40 hours of community service. Hopefully seeing as it is the winter break he can crack out a five day work week of eight hours a day and be back very soon. Merry Christmas, you’re helping the poor. It’s a win/win. However, violating the SU code of conduct is about as hard as a DA getting an indictment for a ham sandwich from a grand jury. I’m pretty sure if you walk on the grass on the Quad it is somehow violating the code of conduct. Oh yeah, and there is a pretty compelling argument that the girl was never hit nor injured. Either way, for the shady business in general, this punishment fits the crime. I am satisfied. For now.

Mic Check… 1, 2, 1, 2
How great is this?

Fantastic. I love when Jimmy gets worked up over little things.

Still getting scooped by other people. Nice.

I think that’s enough for now. As Barney Stinson would say, “Daddy’s home.” Look for my Memphis Preview later today, a full postgame from the Memphis contest shortly thereafter, and just in time for Christmas, a recap of that horrific football season, with some goodbyes for Greggers.

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  1. # Anonymous McLeavey

    So if walking across the Quad violates the code of conduct what does driving across the Quad, because you didn't want to drive down the hill then out to Ackerman in a snow storm at 11pm at night after leaving crouse constitute?

    Would that be a violation?  

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