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Coach P is Doing Quite Well

Upon further review, probably should have kept that P guy.
Yes, you may recognize the man up there in the picture. That is me on the left, followed by my good friend Scott, one Coach Paul Pasqualoni, and then Ryan, another good friend. The three of us, along with the Syracuse University Marching Band (who had one fantastic halftime performance), directed by the outstanding Mr. Justin Mertz, attended the Miami Dolphins v. Buffalo Bills game in the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. As you probably know, Coach P is now the defensive coordinator for the Dolphins, so he was obviously there and before the game we were able to get a picture and chat briefly. He was very nice, shook each of our hands, and talked about the day’s game. No one even mentioned Syracuse exccept the fact that we were alunni and that he did not know that we were the halftime entertainment, but it was good to see Syracuse there. It was sort of like talking to your grandfather. He was just a nice guy. All of us avoided that awkward talk that would have ensued had we mentioned the current situation at Syracuse. Either way, he is doing quite well and it was pretty cool to see him and see the game. I also managed to avoid mentioning that I created one of the original anti-P facebook groups back in the day. My how the times have changed, considering that I would have been more than willing to give him a few more years to avoid the quagmire Syracuse Football now finds itself in. I’d take six or seven wins and getting blown out in a Bowl Game any day of the year over this nonsense. Miami, off Buffalo’s offensive ineptness and a nice Miami Defense, beat the Bills 16 to three. Look for my Syracuse season wrap up coming this week, and also some thoughts on the coaching hot stove that we are not embroiled in. Oh and for the record, the Buffalo Bills belong in Buffalo, not Canada. It was a fun experament that can happen again, but the NFL belongs in the states where people actually care about the games.

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6 Responses to “Coach P is Doing Quite Well”

  1. # Anonymous Vito

    Mackie looks very reluctant to get too close to P in this pic.  

  2. # Blogger John

    Wow, he's very, very photogenic. Also, very, very multiplistic.

    Saying we should have kept him is such a hindsight thing. You thought that SU Football was in the lowest of lows at that point and didn't think Greg Robinson's Titanic would sink, especially as quickly as it did.

    That being said, you gotta believe that being fired by Syracuse was the best thing that ever happened to Paul. If he keeps up this coaching thing, he could end up with more Super Bowl rings than Greggers.

    Also as a side note, I still think that picture we have on the facebook group of Coach P with the red X through his face is one of the best pictures of all time.  

  3. # Anonymous Axeman

    You met Coach P and watched the Bills lose to Miami in the same place on the same day?

    Mr.Harrison, welcome to my custom made version of hell.  

  4. # Anonymous Daz

    Oh, Coach P, you seem so adequate in hindsight.  

  5. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Axe, while I am by no means a huge NFL guy, the Bills were my team growing up and it hurt a little bit to see them go down the way they did. Toronto was fun however, so I guess it wasn't all hell.  

  6. # Blogger Girardi Party

    That was the biggest dog of a football game I've ever attended. But playing at halftime, in that venue, was unreal and something I'll never forget.

    You can probably do the same and look for Greggers at an NFL game in a few years, too.  

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