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As you, the loyal Orange::44 reader knows, one of the secondary missions of this blog is to inform you of the legal transgressions and scuffles of various natures that are not exactly on the up and up. This Tuesday we have a double dip for you from the weekend.

First up, we have some booze news out of the University of Notre Dame. reports that several students were arrested this past weekend. I thought Catholics loved to drink? Anyway, among them were two members of the Notre Dame Football Team. 20 year old Right End Will Yeatman, and 18 year old Mike Golic, Jr., have been charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor, and Yeatman will face the additional charges of false informing and resisting arrest. The arrests came subsequent to an investigation targeting businesses selling to underage kids. Yeatman could be facing even more charges as previously he was charged with driving drunk on a campus sidewalk, and the charges were dismissed last February if he managed to stay out of trouble for a year. Obviously he has not. Golic, it should be noted, is the son of ESPN television and radio host Mike Golic of “Mike & Mike In The Morning”. Additionally, several unnamed players from the men’s lacrosse team at the university are also in trouble for similar offenses. The District Attorney is determining on how to proceed.

Second, out of New Jersey we have an incident from the Rutgers Football Team. reports that Quarterback Mike Teal, in the waning seconds of the Rutgers loss to Navy, threw a punch at fellow Scarlet Knight Glen Lee. No action will be taken against Teal, he has apologized, and Coach Greg Schiano calls the incident “over and done with”. I guess these kind of things happen when you go from being atop the Big East to being worse than Syracuse. At least things are correct in that regard. Now if only UConn would have an epic collapse and Syracuse would win some games, all would be right with the world.

While clearly the second incident has no legal ramifications really, it is still worth note. At least Syracuse players are not punching each other on the sideline. As for the drinking, clearly this happens all the time in college so I do not really fault Golic too much, especially when he has not played a game for ND yet. Yeatman, however, is not exactly new to the criminal justice system and seems to have an alcohol problem. After getting a huge break on his last legal incident he then does this. Sorry, that is unacceptable. Hopefully all these crazy kids will learn from their mistakes. Stay tuned to Orange::44 for all the legal analysis of rival players in trouble you can stand.

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2 Responses to “Notre Dame Players Love Booze”

  1. # Blogger Erin

    BH -
    The house party that led to Yeatman's arrest was big news both on campus here at ND and in South Bend at large, mostly because of the number of students arrested at the party (I think the final list in the South Bend Tribune said 37 - with several others besides Yeatman attempting to resist arrest), and then of course for whatever Coach Weis's decision on the players' fates is. Supposedly it's a case of unhappy neighbors in the neighborhood - somehow that doesn't seem to cover everything. And, clearly, the boy has an alcohol problem.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Yeah this guy has had problems before. That is interesting that it was such big news in the community there too though. Hope everything is going well there at ND, even though you went to Syracuse undergrad. Missed you at Homecoming. Take care and thanks for reading.  

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