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Is this the next head coach of the Orange?
Hot off the Orange::44 tip line; Lloyd Carr is at Manley Field House right now. What is he there for? Who knows. My inside source with media credentials at Manley just knows he’s there, but not why or what is going on. It is certainly interesting. Stay tuned for updates as Brent Axe is now on the case. Unlike Axe, I don't have to wait to break a rumor.
UPDATE: I have confirmed through three separate and independent sources that Lloyd Carr was in Manley Field House today. Still no word on what was discussed. This is now confirmed in my mind. What is not confirmed is the rumor that Greg Robinson is “Dead Man Walking” on campus and that he will be fired after the Pittsburgh game win or lose. However, that does seem to be the prevailing feeling on campus. It is worth noting that Syracuse University Athletics is completely denying that Carr was there at all.
UPDATE #2: It is being discussed on CBS Sportsline threads here that people saw Carr and DOCTOR Gross on the Quad together. Buzz is building. Brent Axe also just announced On The Block that he has heard an awful lot of people say that he was on campus today. It is also the case that Axe reported that he was present at the Northeastern game last weekend. His Northeastern postgame article is here.


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  1. # Blogger GrossSuperman


  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    He's there. What for, we are checking on. But yes, he is/was at Manley Field House today.  

  3. # Blogger Poncho Sinatra

    He is there...Just called a friend of mine that works up there... A lot of people talking about it up on the hill??


  4. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    People around Manley are. But not what is going on, just that he's there. I'm still doing some digging.  

  5. # Blogger GrossSuperman

    Thanks BH.

    Very interesting.  

  6. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    Nice work, Scoop. Keep us abreast. Teeheehee...  

  7. # Anonymous sportzbelle

    Very interesting development on a late Friday afternoon. Does he have any history with 'Cuse or any of the coaches, etc?  

  8. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    No connections that I am aware of. The only connection to Syracuse he could have that I could possibly think of is the fact that he recruited Mike Hart out of the Syracuse area.  

  9. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    Axe is on the air deciding whether or not to mention this...  

  10. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    That guy is a tease. But I understand. I am not a journalist so I can say it and have little consequence if I'm wrong. But in this case, I do not think I am. However, nothing may come of it either way.  

  11. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    Cat's out of the bag. And I didn't realize he was there last week too...  

  12. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    It is very interesting that he was on the Quad and at the Department today though, and not just attending a game. Very interesting developments.  

  13. # Blogger Poncho Sinatra

    He has ties to some of the Trustees at Cuse...Yeah, I mentioned he was there last week walking around with the DOCTOR all over campus.


  14. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    The Trustees. Very interesting. Good work Danny.  

  15. # Blogger Cody

    Funny, I thought his only connection to Syracuse was that he was the Michigan head coach in 1998 when Syracuse absolutely defenestrated his Michigan team.

    (Glory Days...blah blah blah)  

  16. # Blogger thethirdcoast


    You mean in 1998 when Donovan McNabb defenestrated Michigan.  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    No way this ever happens. Keep dreaming Orangemen.  

  18. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    There's always one.  

  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    He might be scoping it out for his buddy Brady Hoke (coach at Ball St) who would be a great hire.  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Interesting, but imho a non-starter. What I know of Coach Carr is this..... 1) He's done coaching. If he still wanted to coach he'd still be at Michigan. 2) He wouldn't replace someone in mid-season, just not his style. This is the guy that negotiated 2 year deals for his assistants before retiring, he's not into taking a job that is already filled 3) Despite what some in the media might lead you to believe, he's highly respected throughout college athletics for his approach in dealing with the monster that is CFB.

    My guess, he's being asked as a quasi-consultant or giving a reco on someone like Hoke or (God forbid for you guys) Mike DeBord.  

  21. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Note, he was forced to retire. He did not retire b/c he wanted too he did it b/c they wanted some who could beat Ohio State.  

  22. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "forced to retire" Ha! Must be a liberal OSU fan. Never let the facts get in the way of a good argument.  

  23. # Anonymous Anonymous

    He went 6-7 against OSU.

    I think if he would have gone 2-10-1 against OSU he would have been forced to retire.  

  24. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yeah but he lost like the last five or six in a row.  

  25. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Carr was "forced" to retire? Right. He won 75% of his games, had an MNC in 97, and was great with his players. He had a job there as long as he wanted one. Anyone who believes he was forced out is really trying to see something that isn't Carr coming to coach at Syracuse.  

  26. # Anonymous Sam

    The more I think about the more I think he is going to be hired as a consultant in the search process for a new coach (especially if he has tied to Trustees). It would bring a sense of seriousness and credibility to the search process, which would be a welcome addition for this administration  

  27. # Anonymous Anonymous

    As a life long Michigan fan, alum, and season tikcet holder, I can give you some insight. While I understand your desire and hope that Lloyd would be interested in the "Cuse" job, I very seriously doubt that he would ever consider another coaching job. The people on this board who posted that Lloyd was forced out of Michigan are in left field. Lloyd could have coached as long as he wanted at Michigan. He is rumored to have some health concerns, though nothing which cannot be managed.

    If Lloyd is one thing, he is loyal. And, he is always looking to help other people. I would imagine that he is discussing with Syracuse staff potential coaches. If Lloyd believed that your coach would be fired midseason, he probably would not have come.

    What would make sense, though, is that he is there as an ambassador for any one of the following guys, who could be interested in the Cuse job: Ron English, Mike DeBord, Brady Hoke, Scott Loeffler, Jim Hermann or possibly even Cam Cameron. Any one of these guys would be a significant upgrade for Syracuse.

    Good Luck

    BTW, I was at that romping by McNabb, and it remains the worst defeat ever at Michigan stadium as far as I'm concerned. Of course, I think we whooped your ass, including up there, 3 or 4 other times.  

  28. # Anonymous Anonymous

    As an tOSU fan, I have the highest respect for LC. Anyone who says that he was forced out because of his W/L against tOSU has no idea what UofM is all about.

    LC was a Michigan Man, 100%. As those of us who are a part of the tOSU / UofM thing every day of our lives, LC was a man we all respected. WH, Bo and LC were all great coaches.

    He left on his own... and I HIGHLY doubt that he'll be back to coaching.

    Looking into something for someone? Yep... that I'll go with... but looking to get back into it? After being at UofM? Nope.  

  29. # Blogger kimberly

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