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Pittsburgh (Not So) Quick Predictions

It is pretty futile to say the old "S#!t On Pitt" at this point.
It is time for another quick prediction from your friends at Orange::44. Look, by now you know that this season is a wash. You also know that this team is probably not even as good as last season. You also know however, that the Big East as a whole is down from last season. Rutgers is even worse than us (if that is possible), and the world is topsy turvy with UConn again currently undefeated. Down is up, up is down, dogs and cats living together; mass hysteria. So I guess the real question is, at this point in the year, with the start of the Big East conference slate, does this game even matter anymore?

I myself was thinking of venturing again across I-90, the “Mass Pike” and the “New York State Thruway”, paying $7.70 mind you, and heading to this game in the Carrier Dome. While this blog likes to traditionally chronicle exercises in football futility, I could not bring myself, nor my wallet, any further heartbreak in person. Turning to the game itself, Pittsburgh’s stud is Running Back LeSean McCoy. In three games this season he has rushed 242 yards and earned five touchdowns. Keep in mind, our entire team has only rushed for 4 touchdowns in four games, one of which was against a 1-AA school. While Syracuse has dealt admirably with the rushing attacks of previous teams this season (yes they actually have the ability to stop the run usually), I feel like McCoy will be, much like the PSU running backs, too much to handle for Syracuse’s defense, who will most likely be on the field an awful lot.

You have to believe that Syracuse is a two touchdown dog in this contest. While there will be some buzz in the Dome related to playing a conference game, and a conference rival, not even a packed crowd would help elevate this team to anywhere they need to be. Look for ‘Cuse to do go down with the ship again.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that we are at a crisis point. You have heard the DOCTOR, you have heard from many fans, and you have even heard from the former players of the Orange. I have revised my opinion and submit that the best way to deal with the current situation is not to allow Greg Robinson to give any more press conferences full of lies and unfounded optimism, and simply remove him immediately after this Pittsburgh game from his head coaching duties. There is enough negative sentiment present, and with essentially the support of the Athletic Director gone, what is there to hold on to. The team should simply install Mitch Browning as the Interim Head Coach, and send Greggers packing. This is the only logical solution at this juncture given the previous week of activity in the media.

I will be listening to the game my friends, but I of course will not like what I hear. To those brave souls heading to the Salt City I salute you. I consider myself to be a fan that can stomach almost anything, after all I sat through the entirety of the Penn State massacre. But this, my good friends, is something that I cannot, in these troubled times, justify economically in any sort of cost benefit analysis. I wish the Orange good luck as always, but know in my heart of hearts, that it is simply another exercise in football futility.

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2 Responses to “Pittsburgh (Not So) Quick Predictions”

  1. # Blogger John

    What's with all this "my friends" language? Who are you, John McCain? Are you gonna announce that you're suspending your blog until this team solves its current crisis? Are you gonna ask that Pittsburgh agree to delay this game until next week (when we have a bye and they probably don't so we would win by default)? Is the sexiness of this team really with the #2 person (here, Mitch Browning) while your #1 guy has unfettered optimism?

    Liquid lunch has worn off, otherwise I might be able to take this analogy much further.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    That must have been quite the liquid lunch.  

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