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You gotta lighten up Devo. That kid isn't even here tonight.
Well, the good news is that we have not had consecutive losses this semester. The bad news is that we played defense for about 18 minutes during the game, as supposed to 40. While this is fine against a Tulane team that does not average a lot of points, this still can be problematic against a higher scoring offense. Then again, I suppose that defense for 18 minutes is better than the UMass game, which saw about zero minutes of offense.

While basically under the radar, Jonny Flynn became the leading scorer of the night for the Orange with 17 points. While there was not a lot of razzle dazzle plays in this game, there was a solid offensive performance from the freshman. He also contributed four assists, and was two for two from three point range. He was however the ATM of the night with four turnovers.

Speaking of ATMs, the true ATM returned to action on Saturday night. Apparently the academic problems/illness/family issues/ankle injury/ are over, and he is ready for active duty on the hardwood. He only played for eight minutes, contributed zero points, zero rebounds, and zero rebounds. He was sure to commit his minimum of two turnovers per game however. Great job Josh.

Who impressed me during the game was Arinze Onuaku, who really seemed to be putting in a lot of effort. He was rewarded with 14 points and 16 rebounds. He also blocked three shots and had four steals. Onuaku had a solid night all around and my pick for Orange player of the game.

Devendorf had a better night than he did against UMass, managing to not get into any trouble with fans or players. He got 16 points and three steals. He managed to play a solid game of defense for the most part as well.

Harris and Greene had fifteen and nine points respectively. They also had pretty solid nights, but sadly Greene, and the rest of the team, was not that great from long range. They only shot 20%, 4-20, and for the first time I found myself thinking that Andy Rautins was truly missed this season. If our outside shooting does not improve, surely close games will not be won. Hopefully this will improve as the season goes on.
The stat of the game here was offensive rebounds. They earned 20 of them. Having third and forth chances at shots greatly increase the chances of SU having more points on the scoreboard than the other team. With defense being lackluster so far this year, the more points we earn the better. A mucn needed and surprising improvement for the team.

Syracuse did manage to out rebound and have less turnovers than Tulane. Much like every non-conference game, Syracuse should always have this as the case. Overall, the team played well, and the game was nice to see. Syracuse provided yet another entertaining game on a Saturday evening. Too bad that Jim Burr is a terrible, terrible referee. A technical foul on Boeheim… really? Really, Jim Burr? Really!? I suppose it is not a shock, but even so, this is a little out of the box for even Burr. At least it did not affect the game in any way, unlike the intentional fouls called in the last minute of the UMass game.

We next see the Orange take to the toad for a matchup against the Cavaliers of Virginia at 7:30pm this Wednesday on ESPN 2. This will be the best test remaining for the Orange in their non-conference slate most likely. Perhaps the team will play defense for more than a half this time. If not, it will be a long night for the team and anyone watching. Hopefully they will work hard in practice, and learn how to really guard someone.


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  1. # Anonymous zibby

    Virginia is Wednesday.

    Rhode Island is Saturday on ESPN Full Court/SNY  

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