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The Salt City, and the reason we have crap to talk about.
There is a lot going on today in the arena of Syracuse Athletics. While I usually leave the linkables to our colleague at Nunes/Magician, I thought I would point out some interesting things, while satisfying the completely self serving purpose of pointing out the latest installment in the collaboration between myself and Nunes/Magician.
First up, like I said in the intro, there is another installment of Orange::44 is an Absolute Magician at Nunes/Magician’s site. We talk, of course, about football and basketball, and I answered some pretty interesting questions. For proper background in the last couple of questions, be sure to read Matt Glaude’s article regarding the coach of the football team.

Our friend, Brent Axe, the Axeman, is all over the rumor mill regarding Greg Robinson’s job. GRob Watch 2007 is underway going full steam ahead. He states that he received information that the Big East office was contacted by Syracuse and was informed that Robinson would return as the head coach. It also appears that the feelers have been sent around to different coaches and the prime target currently could be Boise State’s coach Chris Petersen. This is a sexy option in my mind. If only the university went with my idea of all orange field turf, Petersen would feel right at home. Of course, this is all moot as, as Axe reports here in this breaking news, Robinson will remain the head coach.

While it got off to a slow start, I have discovered my favorite blog of the week; Get Gross Out. They clearly illustrate in stats just how far the Orange have fallen in the short tenure of the good DOCTOR. Entertaining, informative, and arguments with merit make this the newest blog I’ll check on a regular basis.

Who hates the BCS? A lot of people. Who is very angry? Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. As my usual internet surfing has discovered, the sports blog With Leather has a clip of Carl going off about the BCS, the NY Football Giants, and other assorted things. Very enjoyable, even if you do not like the show.

If reading articles that express similar frustration that you feel often, then read this post on Nick’s 2 Cents. He sums up a lot of what we are feeling about this football season. While I have yet to pen my ultimate disgust and frustration finale for this year, his will do nicely before you get your fill of the Orange::44 orgasm of frustration you have come to expect from our site.

A little while back, our own Matt Glaude answered some questions for State of the Orange and he had some pretty interesting answers as to why he started this whole Orange::44 situation you now enjoy. To know where you are going you have to know where you have been. Learn the mysterious origins of Orange::44 here. Alright, it really is not that mysterious, but Matt is entertaining as always.

Look for another installment of Nunes::44 next Tuesday. I apologize for the answers getting to Nunes a day late, but I had to play catch up from having a week off for Thanksgiving. Look for your regularly schedule collaboration next week. Also, coming up, that special three part series I promised, my football season review, thoughts on keeping Robinson, and of course the usual postgame coverage. Enjoy the UMass basketball game tonight on ESPN Classic at 7:15pm and enjoy immersing yourself in all the ‘Cuse internets you can handle.
Also, we will all be commiserating the decision of DOCTOR Gross for the immediate future, and wondering what the hell happened.

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