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Well, they say that all good things must come to an end. Sadly, my colleague and the founder of Orange::44 will be moving on to greener pastures. While his reasons for his departure are more than valid, I cannot help but feel a little sad. I have known Matt for over seven years now, and he is clearly one of the people I looked up the most to during my freshman year on the hill. He then saw enough faith in me to allow me to join this notebook, and while I had some rough starts, I feel I have carved out a successful and entertaining niche in the Syracuse Blogosphere. While we are most likely not the best, we were the first. Specifically, he was the first. To be able to join one of the most talented, creative, smart, and funny writers I have ever known was my privilege, and I wish him the best of luck doing what he wants to do.

So where does this leave you and me. You might be a little sad, upset, maybe even asking “why me?” You could be saying “why did Orange::44 pick like the worst time for they to lose their best talent?” Well fret not. I am still on the job. I will try to carry on the tradition here of chronicling the daily disaster of Syracuse Athletics. I may have to take a sabbatical now and then, as I am still in grad school, but I do not plan on going anywhere. I may even have to pay it forward and see if some of my friends want to play reporter/cynic/Debbie Downer/pundit. Either way, there will be new and traditional content appearing here in the future.

I am declaring a day of mourning for the UMass recap on account of the departed. I will return this Sunday with the Tulane recap. Again, I have several articles rolling around my head and when I have a little time after classes end for the semester (maybe, as I will be studying for finals like a mad man), there will be plenty to chew over and comment on.

Please be sure to select any of the links to Matt’s new site. It will be his glorious return to the stats and crisp objective analysis that he built his reputation on. I know I will enjoy. Until next time, I look forward to your continued comments, feedback, and commiseration that makes us all Syracuse fans.

In his honor, and as a somewhat fitting tribute, one more crying child for the season.


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  1. # Blogger Johnny

    So we get two great sites for the price of one? I'm cool with that!  

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