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It's fine. You're beating the crowd to Faegan's if you get tossed.
The Big East in basketball is a little down this year, there is no doubt. With massive stars graduating or entering the draft last year many of the big names are somewhere else. Coupled with the dominance of Big East football and there is a formula for a down year. However, it is still just as exciting as ever to watch this league as teams go up and down, battling for the right to be the best team in a fantastic conference.

Now that that is out of the way, time to pour some general anger and hatred towards people and things into this entry.

First on the list is Doug Gottlieb (who looks high, or like a douche bag, or both in his picture on It does not matter who you are, or what you do, but you do not get into a fight with Jim Boeheim. It’s not as bad as getting into a fight with John Chaney, but you still don’t want to mess with the man (Good examples of both are here). Boeheim may have taken a cheap shot at Gottlieb, but he sort of earned it from the years of saying Syracuse is worse then they really are. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should go here.

UConn is terrible this year. I have said it all year. I will continue to say it all year. As my friend at UConn put it, “why would I want to go and watch a bunch of freshmen that suck?” I could not have said it better myself. Pittsburgh dismantled this untested, undetermined squad. AJ Price has turned out to not be the savior of the season as some media types expected (just because his jersey said Connecticut on it). After two years off due to injury and legal issues, he is rusty and unproven. Also, to the coaches that vote in the poll…can we stop ranking UConn in the top ten every non-conference season for beating Quinnipiac, Fairfield, Sacred Heart, and Hartford? That would be great.

Notre Dame is a complete conundrum to me. By all conventional logic they should be terrible this year like they were last year. I’m glad they are playing Syracuse in the Dome and not at the Joyce.

ESPN is having Spirit Week and they asked their panel of experts to give their favorite atmospheres for watching college hoops. The Loud House got a little love from Mark Schlabach:

Syracuse: The noise at the Carrier Dome can be defeaning. I nearly deflated it during an NCAA Tournament regional by walking out the wrong door; the suction nearly blew me to nearby Albany, N.Y. At least they don't play basketball games in July; for whatever reason, the Carrier Dome doesn't have air conditioning.

While I agree it is one of the most intimidating places to play because of the noise of all the people, the air conditioning joke is a bit tired. Also, he misspelled deafening.

Nichols once again made it to the Big East Honor Roll. His name will appear in his local paper and he will get a coupon for one free ice cream in the cafeteria.

SU Athletics has now taken down the “Orange Ask A Question” for Darryl Gross off the front page. I wonder if he got pissed over this? Also, Josh Wrignt answers trivial questions. Shouldn’t you be in practice?

Now for the real fun: The Jim Boeheim Press Conference Drinking Game!
Rules: Grab a drink and watch the post game press conference of the head coach. Drink accordingly.

Note: This game best works if watching the press conference on News 10 Now or

Drink 1 if:
Jim scratches his head.
A current player is mentioned.
He disagrees with a reporter.
He doesn’t like a question.
Says the word “zone”.
He describes something as bad or not good.
Comments on The Big East or another Big East team.

Drink 2 if:
He states his man-to-man defense was good that night.
He argues with a reporter.
He mentions a former player.
He mentions Bernie Fine.
He mentions the fans or crowd noise.
He describes anything as “pretty good”.
He mentions officiating calls.
He defends his non-conference schedule.

Finish your drink if:
Tim Higgins or Jim Burr is mentioned.
He looks happy.
He swears.
Have fun and happy drinking.

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