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Villanova - Syracuse Postgame Reaction

I love the halftime orange slices!
Yeah yeah I know it is late. I was busy having delicious drinks with the good folks down at Faegan’s on my long weekend (I have to love my government job and props to MLK). But I did watch the game (not in person) and was deliciously impressed with the teams total performance.

As always, some things really were awful for the Orange. With 20 team turnovers we look like a community college team. Our biggest offenders were, of course, Josh Wright (5) and Eric Devendorf (4). This is still unacceptable. Until our turnovers are at 12 or below I refuse to believe this team can be an elite team. No clichés here, just straight numbers that are dismal.

We tied Villanova in rebounding the ball, both with 26. While this stat isn’t impressive it shows the continued growth of Watkins and the play in the post. 26 rebounds is nothing to be too proud of, but if we continue to match up well against teams in rebounding, as well as getting offensive boards, we should continue to win. Roy Hibbert better watch out (not that he doesn’t suck anyway).

The Orange had a pretty good shooting affair again, earning 24 of 44 shots for a field goal percentage of 54.5%. This is always encouraging, especially when the lack of a jump shot hinders some players on the team (Harris, Watkins, Roberts).

The big story of the game has got to be Demetris Nichols coming out of his Big East shell. In 40 minutes of action he went 8-12 for 23 points, specifically going 5-6 on 3 point FG’s. That is what I call a mighty fine outing. If he continues to be the stud, while supplemented by Watkins and Roberts by the hoop, getting additions from Devendorf, this team could be dancing well into March. Stay tuned to The Nichols Note every postgame to see how he does in the ridiculous Big East (I am trademarking that as we speak so it better not show up on SU Athletics).

A good game all in all. The team that showed up against ‘Nova sure was fun to watch. Cincinnati coverage will come out a little sooner, but real life responsibilities will be heavy tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the game…if you have The U, which I don’t think anyone actually does. It is like the NFL Network, only even more elusive.


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