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Syracuse Tournament Status: Edition I

Believe it or not, only a dozen games remain on Syracuse University's 2006-2007 basketball schedule. With so few contests left, it is probably a good time to take stock of the Orange's effort thus far this season and try to determine where Jim Boeheim's outfit stands relative to its NCAA Tournament relevance.

The table below aggregates a series of factors the NCAA Selection Committee utilizes to craft the organization's men's basketball championship field. Also included in the data table are some Ken Pomeroy-created factors and resume indicators. These items are either projectionary in nature or attempt to refine where a particular team stands in relation to the 336 colleges and universities participating in Division 1 hoops.

Resume and Factors of Relevance
The foregoing data is accurate only to the date and time of publication. As this feature will not receive a daily update (rather, a weekly update will take place), its particular factual accuracy should not receive great weight as the week subsequently passes. However, it should stand as a solid indicator of what Syracuse has accomplished this season and what the Orange must yet achieve in order to secure another NCAA Tournament invitation.

With respect to the status variables included, each variable relates to one of five possible states of affairs:
  1. Great;
  2. Good;
  3. Adequate;
  4. Troubling; and
  5. Terrible.

Status variables ranging above "adequate" indicate facts and circumstances conducive to receiving a bid. Status variables ranging below "adequate" indicate facts and circumstances of concern -- relative to the rest of the nation, Syracuse needs to improve its position. The status variable of "adequate" indicates a hold position -- depending on what other colleges or universities accomplish, Syracuse's current status may or may not be good enough to merit an invitation.

Resume and Factors of Relevance
Factor of RelevanceFactor ValueStatus
Big East Record3-1Good
Non-Conference Record11-3Adequate
National RankARVAdequate
Pomeroy Rank39Good
Syracuse RPI51Adequate
Big East RPI7Troubling
Non-Conference RPI67Troubling
Overall SOS39Good
Non-Conference SOS99Adequate
RPI 1-50 Record1-3Troubling
RPI 51-100 Record4-1Great
RPI 101-200 Record4-0Great
RPI 200+ Record5-0Great
Last 10 Games7-3Good
Road/Neutral Record3-1Adequate
Solid Victories1. UTEP
2. Marquette
3. Villanova
4. Penn
5. Baylor
Detrimental DefeatsNoneGreat
Projected Record20-10Good
Projected BE Record9-7Adequate
Total Invitation StatusAdequate

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