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The Things I Want

Everytime T-Rob misses a free throw an angel gets its wings.

My real Christmas list is pretty bare because I finally just got done with law school exams. But in Collegeland kids have been off for about a week and a half. Therefore I will try my best to remember my fond undergrad days and come up with what every good Syracuse boy and girl should want this year.

1. Defense.
2. Less turnovers.
3. A Legends of 44 DVD.
4. Nog – The noun of verb.
5. Another lax title (It has been 3 years after all).
6. A basketball team that makes it out of the first round of the NCAA.
7. A plus .500 football season.
8. A beer bong.
9. A Swiffer Wet Jet. Yeah for real. College houses get dirty.
10. A phat new stereo for the basement. Music at a party is a must.
11. Jim Boeheim’s Wife. Don’t judge me.
12. A Family Guy DVD.
13. More quality posts from the Orange Blog Consortium.
14. Goodwill twords men.
15. Darwin’s Pub to reopen.
16. Another great Boeheim press conference with no less then 5 swears.
17. Offense.
18. Matt Gorman to sit the bench more.
19. All my rent money back.
20. Nancy Cantor to resign.
21. Marvin Harrison to give me tickets.
22. To beat UConn and Pittsburgh during the season.
23. The dance team to get hot again.
24. A little snow.
25. Another Big East title would be nice.
26. Allen Griffin to party with me again.
27. Kegs and eggs.
28. Press passes to the football and basketball championships.

I know some of them are pretty unattainable, but a guy can dream right? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

PS – This picture I made of Jim Boeheim makes me laugh every time I look at it.

6 Responses to “The Things I Want”

  1. # Anonymous John

    Brian, you went out of your way to make sure that even if I didn't read the article this morning, that I at least looked at the picture and caption. And you managed to spell "angel" wrong. Good job! :)  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Whoa whoa whoa...Darwins is closed??? I need answers!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    (That's me, demanding Darwinian answers)  

  4. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Sadly Old Man Darwin decided to pack it up. The owner of the building demanded he sign a 5 year lease. The 68 year old didn't want to sign a 5 year lease so he decided it was time to close it down. It is just an empty space right now. So next time you find yourself at a happy hour pour out a little for Darwin's.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I am in a serious state of mourning. I feel a post coming on...  

  6. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    In case you are interested, here is the link to the DO story:  

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