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The 2006 College Football Blogger Awards

As noted previously, the BlogPoll is engaging in a little self-glorification. The vehicle for the exercise takes the form of “The 2006 College Football Blogger Awards.” It is a multi-part examination of the Internet’s resident college football bloggers, categorized through a series of awards.

Part I of my nominations can be viewed through the link above. This essay constitutes Part IV of the series: the grammatically distressing “The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All.” As Rocky Top Talk instructs:

The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All is designed primarily to spread the love in case it doesn't naturally happen some other way and to serve as the season's Round Up of Round Ups. Each blogger, no matter who they are, must identify their three best posts of the year. I'll round `em up, and compile the entire thing. If it kills me. And it might.
As I pen two Syracuse notebooks – this blight on virtual society and its cousin Syracuse FanHouse – I will include both essays authored on both sites.

The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All
There is no need to skirt the obvious: 2006 was a difficult year to pen material about the Orange. As each week progressed, Syracuse presented so many repeated deficiencies that penning worthwhile Orange-related material became difficult. Consequently, quantitative content diminished herein and on other outlets.

For the sake of the exercise, however, here are three essays that I feel presented either a novel argument or analysis:

1. Connecticut Head Coach Questions Syracuse's Admissions Integrity
Syracuse FanHouse

In early November, Connecticut head coach Randy Edsall decided to throw his Big East Conference peers under the bus in order to salvage some respect from Connecticut administrators and partisans. What resulted was a firestorm of accusations and disgust. The essay above attempted to reset the discussion and argue a measured opinion based on fact rather than irrational assumptions passing as reality.

2. Harvard-Yale: A National Treasure
The FanHouse

The essay has nothing to do with Syracuse, but it is a tremendous examination of the nation's greatest college football rivalry. Chronicling both the rivalry's tradition and history, the essay serves as an all-inclusive look at a game that transcends itself.

3. Syracuse Improves While it Regresses
Syracuse FanHouse

Arguably one of the finest essays I have ever written. It is an exposition of how raw statistics are often misleading, especially when used to define performance progression and regression.

The target of the essay is, once again, Syracuse Post-Standard columnist Bud Poliquin. In his defense, however, his questions and comments are not particularly off-base. The essay above, though, actually attempts to answer some of his questions rather than rationalizing incredibly worrisome statements.

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