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I add instant credibility to this outfit.

It has been a while since I wrote something for this notebook. I am embroiled in exams for my first year of law school. I know the loyal readers expect content that is both entertaining and informative. Therefore, with that mandate and the need to distract myself from exams I give you some ideas in the style of Larry King.

The basketball team needs to rebound more.

Syracuse Lacrosse will again make the Final Four.

For my money, there are no greater sporting events then Bowl Week, March Madness, and the Powder Puff Football Tournament at Syracuse.

Simply put: Chips and some sort of dip are the best appetizer.

Greg Robinson will get no less then 4 wins again next season.

Trivia Question: Who was the first person, other then Carrier Dome staff, to step on the new field turf? Answer: Me. True story.

A fake Christmas Tree is just as good as a real one with no needles falling constantly.

A movie about Ernie Davis is a great idea and a moving tribute. Now how about a statue on campus?

Am I wrong in wanting USC and The Ohio State to lose their bowl games?

UMass won’t upset #1 Appalachian State in the Championship Division (1-AA) Championship Game.

The BCS is very broken. Everyone knows it, but it won’t change.

If you can only go to one away basketball game, Gample Pavilion is nice but you have to go to MSG.

Jim Brown and Ernie Davis were the best backs to ever play together. Bottom line. It is a shame Davis never got to play in Cleveland.

Family Guy is the best animated series on television right now. South Park is number two.

Christmas Cards are overrated. Pick up your phone and call someone.

Maxwell Hall is the best looking building on campus at Syracuse (not counting Hendricks Chapel).

My favorite Syracuse Blog other then this one is Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician.

My favorite Big East Blog is Mountainlair.

Another shame is that College Gameday is not back at Syracuse again this year.

Students use catch phrases from Super Troopers more then any other movie.

There are about 12 teams that could reach the Final Four right this second.

For my money, Woody Paige is the best person on Around The Horn.

The best in state rivalry Syracuse has in basketball is Cornell.

Athletes at UConn commit more crimes than any other Big East school.

The best candy bar is the original Hershey Bar.

Vince Young will be Rookie of the Year in the NFL, but Devin Hester probably deserves it more.

Your mother may still in fact be a Hoya.

Syracuse Basketball is best enjoyed with a cold beer and a bitter heart.

That is all for now. I feel more free then ever. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

5 Responses to “Things I Think I Know”

  1. # Blogger Johnny

    Thank you Brian, and good luck with Law School!  

  2. # Blogger JaRube

    1. I don't mind watching OSU lose... but go Trojans. I'll always pull for Pete. He wasn't right in New England, but he has a good heart.

    2. The BCS IS broken. So is the electoral college. I think college football teams and presidential hopefuls should have a 4-team gridiron playoff. For the latter, I propose sudden death.

    3. Family Guy is funny. South Park makes REAL PEOPLE look funny. South Park wins.

    4. "Cards are overrated." I can't agree more. You will never get a card from me. None of you. And don't send me any. I'll be honored if you invest the $1.29 plus postage in your 401(k).

    5. Super Troopers most quoted? Well... that SHOULD be true. But sadly, a certain N. Dynomite may give it a run for its money.

    6. Woody Paige the best on Around the Horn? Sure. But that's like saying Paul Begala was the best on Crossfire. Both shows suck ass. Stop watching them.

    7. What's a Hoya?

    And now for an inappropriate self-serving advertisement:

    Love, Jayme  

  3. # Blogger JaRube

    Oh yeah, Crossfire's been off the air... blame it on my 2-year hiatus 2000 miles from civilization.

    Whatever. Merry Christmas everyone.


  4. # Blogger OrangeRay

    Good blog, as usual. However, I'm pretty sure Jim Brown and Ernie Davis never played in the same backfield, in either college or the NFL.  

  5. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Yeah sorry about that. I definitely misspoke and meant to say from the same school. Thanks for reading.  

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