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It is my birthday today and I’m getting drunker.

Not yet, but tonight I will go out and celebrate the somewhat worthless age of 24 years. Why do I bring this up? Not for some self gratification, but rather a connection to the very program that confounds this notebook and countless fans the most; football. Two years ago, on this very date, Paul Pasqualoni was dismissed as head coach of Syracuse. Shortly after a blowout given by Georga Tech in the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, newly hired Athletic Director Daryl Gross decided it was time for the program to go in a different direction. I am not sure he meant that direction to be down.

He subsequently hired Greg Robinson, a man with an impressive resume and a few Super Bowl rings. Implementing a West Coast Offense, Robinson intended to open up the playbook and find immediate offensive improvement against a Big East Conference that had been playing a lot of option based games. This failed miserably. With the two headed quarterback maching of Perry Patterson and Joe 5 Fields, as well as the fact no one could complete a pass and the offense failed to get first downs resulted in a one win season with zero Big East victories. The worst season in SU Football history.

The 2006 campaign faired a little better, seeing four wins including a conference win over “rival” Connecticut (a team that eventually joined us in the basement). Offensive Line problems and major injuries on the offense resulted in a lackluster second half. The only bright spot was the occasionally brillant look of the two men in the backfield, Curtis Brinkley and Delone Carter.

So what does this mean for the future of the program? I am still convinced that firing Coach P was the right move for the school. I am still convinced that Greg Robinson can improve on next year and right the program, provided he has at least four years to do so. I am convinced that the Offensive Line can’t get any worse and better vastly improve to give our new starting quarterback time to develop into a game changing performer and allow the run game to be what it should be for Syracuse.

I am still optimistic for the future of SU Football. Despite our complaints and frustrations there is a team going out there and practicing and giving their all for Syracuse. That hard work should pay off in the future. For now, fare thee well Paul. Enjoy the Tuna chewing your ass out when the Cowboys lose. My confidence in Greg Robinson better be well placed. Or maybe I’m just drunk. Either way it is not so bad. I remember celebrating when Coach P got fired and I don’t regret it one bit. SU gives great birthday presents.

3 Responses to “That's A Song By Pat Benetar”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I agree that no matter what, Coach P had to go.

    I wish I had a framed Coach P headline...  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    It was clealy a great decision. Now I just have to find out where that ended up.  

  3. # Anonymous John

    That framed picture is in Ryan Mackie's attic. He may have it prominently displayed, but I'm not sure about that.  

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