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I Thought Blogs Had, Like, Posts?

If you continue to badger me, I'm going to kill this fucking dog.
Look, I know.

At some point yesterday, a forum on linked to a previous essay on this notebook about Syracuse punter returner Max Meisel and his super awesome life. There was, of course, a giant traffic spike and subsequent pleas via poorly worded emails to produce more Orange-related content.

To everyone that sent a message, all I have to say in response is this: "Cool your friggin' jets."

I'm busy. Like 14-hours a day busy. Brian is busy to, trying to get through his first-year of law school. Collin, well, Collin has a job and is easily distracted by things such as cats that look like Hitler. As a result, not a lot of content has appeared on this notebook in quite a while.

But if you really want to read my filth regarding the Orange, you can catch me at the FanHouse on AOL Sports. I put the link to the FanHouse page to the above right, but obviously, the vast majority of the people who read this blog are immune to answering questions for themselves.

Around October 15th, things should calm down for me work-wise. Until then, though, virtually all the content that I produce will appear at AOL and extra content, if I have time to produce any, will appear here.


Matt "Flattered, Yet Pissed" Glaude

P.S.: Dress me up as Jesus or Robert Goulet

3 Responses to “I Thought Blogs Had, Like, Posts?”

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