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Be Somebody!

See you in hell, ten readers.
This is where the story ends.

Or where it begins.

I forget; blame it on the heroin, I suppose.

Anyway, from this point forward I am moving virtually all my football-related material over to AOL Sports. The only football-related contributions I will be making to this notebook are Big East Conference, national college football, and BlogPoll-related musings. I may excerpt material designated for AOL here, but will not make any promises about that at this time.

For the record, the College Football FanHouse has yet to launch (it is scheduled to go "live" on September 5th). Material that I have produced, however, can be found here. As you can tell, the initiative is still a work in progress, but when complete should become the internet's finest portal for all things college football.

So, until basketball season begins, enjoy the dolcid tones of Collin and Brian.

3 Responses to “Be Somebody!”

  1. # Anonymous Tom

    You're asking alot of me to bookmark another site just to read what you have to say about a 1-10 football team.
    I hope AOL is paying you well for this move (chuckle, chuckle).
    I also take the move harder because you're leaving me with writers on this site that id a fucking Yankee fan and, well, Collin.
    I hope the new shit is as horrible as this stuff.  

  2. # Anonymous Rob

    As one of your faithful ten readers, let me get the other 9 to join together and Boo this man. Something must have happen to this man (I use that term loosely) after 14 plus hours of drinking on Saturday. You sir stink and I hope your tirade into the evil empire (not the Yankees, for all you haters out there) that is AOL Time Warner is an unpleasant and fruitless experience. Like Howard Stern going to satilite radio, the change to something new may result in only 20-30% of readers jumping ship to AOL. I, my friend, will not be one of those people.

    So I say good day to you sir. May you and Brendan Carney have goof-looking punting children together.  

  3. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    Tom/Rob/Everyone --

    It's not so much a vacating of the premises as much as it's a scaling down of material (at least from me).

    AOL asks that I produce X amount of material. The material must also comport to its standards/desires. Anything extra will be posted here. So, there'll still be content here, just not as frequent as in the past.  

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