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QB Robinson Has Inner Ear Problem

Sorry, that's a lie.

But given Donnie Webb's latest submission to his Syracuse Post-Standard blog, it would be a nice explanation for freshman Andrew Robinson's inauspicious start to his second official collegiate practice:

The offense jumped into a team drill on the other field, just as it did yesterday. After starting quarterback Perry Patterson took a number of snaps, the second quarterback summond to the line of scrimmage was freshman Andrew Robinson.

As Robinson stood behind center, there was a problem in his cadence or mechanics. The play was stopped briefly by assistant Phil Earley for a little direction. Robinson got the play off, went back into a five-step dropped, got his feet tangled and went tumbling to the ground. Earley put his arm around the player's shoulder and walked him back to the line. On the second try, Robinson kept his balance and delivered a pass over the middle. Receiver Tim Lane was unable to make a tough catch. Whistle. On to stretch.
This, of course, raises three thoughts:
  • First, the fact that Robinson is taking snaps right after Patterson leads one to reasonably conclude that the Orange would rather not redshirt the young Marylander this season and rather have the future Syracuse gunslinger sit shotgun in 2006. If this is so, today's little practice escapade illustrates how far Robinson must come in 28 practices.

  • Next, if Robinson is going to serve as the Orange's second-string quarterback this year (which has been hinted at in this depth chart), the staff must either (1) anticipate that Robinson can quickly learn an offense that Perry Patterson has yet to understand; or (2) believe that Cody Catalina or David Legree -- two Syracuse recruits in the Class of 2007 -- will eventually wrestle away the primary quarterback from Robinson down the line, thus negating the necessity to redshirt Robinson this season.

  • Finally, it's refreshing to hear "Tim Lane was unable to make a tough catch. Whistle." With that phrase officially etched into the internet, the 2006 campaign can officially begin.

2 Responses to “QB Robinson Has Inner Ear Problem”

  1. # Blogger Dave Pearson

    And now for something completely different...

    This is Matt Glaude's kind of lawyer.  

  2. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    This doesn't even match the tongue-lashing I saw a lawyer get for appearing in court in jeans and a tweed blazer.

    I'm still trying to hunt down that transcript because it was pure fucking gold.  

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