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Bonanza of Numbers: Part III

It's not just you. The Big East was a wasteland for effective receivers this year.

Last season, the Big East saw five receivers top the 70.000 mark with Greg Lee leading the way with a terrific 105.587 rating. This season, however, the Big East was home to only three players in the upper echelon of receiving production with nobody topping the 100.000 mark.

In order to make this analysis reasonable, I only considered Big East receivers who made at least 10 catches on the season and played in at least 75% of their team's games.

Pass Receiver Ratings: 2005
1.G. LeePitt89.079
2.M. UrrutiaUL80.248
3.J. TinchUL72.638
4.T. MosesRU65.101
5.M. JonesUL61.898
6.B. LeonardRU58.342
7.C. HarrisRU54.376
8.B. MylesWVU52.946
9.H. DouglasUL50.158
10.E. JacksonCincy48.777
11.S. TuckerRU47.095
12.J. WilliamsConn47.021
13.B. YoungConn46.513
14.D. KinderPitt46.297
15.B. CelekCincy45.229
16.D. MurrayConn41.526
17.D. ReynaudWVU39.9798
18.T. LaneSU39.352
19.D. RossCincy38.8999
20.R. MossSU38.460
21.B. PolandCincy38.049
22.M. BushUL37.171
23.A. HallUSF36.965
24.D. GoodmanCincy34.815
25.J. PeytonUSF33.704
26.D. StrongPitt33.307
27.G. BarnidgeUL33.236
28.J. ChambersUSF33.124
29.E. GillPitt32.833
30.K. SmithUL32.771
31.D. RhodesSU32.142
32.S. BuchesPitt30.947
33.S.J. GreenUSF30.879
34.A. JacksonUSF30.018
35.C. HillUSF28.046
36.B. McLeanConn26.534
37.A. GiddensCincy25.037
38.T. CaulleyConn24.794
39.S. SlatonWVU24.634
40.T. MurphyPitt23.986
41.J. DelSardoPitt23.874
42.D. JonesCincy19.389
43.B. GlatthaarCincy15.711
44.M. DanielsCincy12.756

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