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BlogPoll Roundtable #7

BlogPoll Roundtable, the brainchild of BlogPoll superhero Brian over at mgoblog, is an effort to generate discourse on a series of questions and issues currently applicable to the college football universe.

This edition of the BlogPoll Roundtable is hosted by Eagle In Atlanta. To read responses of other bloggers to the roundtable questions, simply click here.

1. What member of the mainstream sports media (preferably one who covers college sports) makes your skin crawl, blood boil, forces you to change the channel or hit mute? Why?
Now that Trev Alberts is officially gone from ESPN and roaming the Nebraskan plains looking to reclaim some semblance of relevance, it’s difficult to peg an analyst or writer that deserves the ire of the collective college football community. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t individuals that are less than terrific. Rather, it simply means that there are a few guys that haven’t yet reached the level of dopiness that Alberts evinced on a weekly basis but have the potential to do so.

I am tempted to write 1,500 words on how much I hate Tim Brando, but I’m not exactly sure it fits into the question presented. As a studio host, he doesn’t exactly fit into the characterization of a traditional pundit. However, he is a dope and is on television, and as such, deserves a mention in this essay.

With that said, the guy I’d tab as a world-class clown is another CBS employee - Dennis Dodd. Writing with a self-importance that is surpassed by none but derided by all, Dodd continually turns in some of the most mediocre pieces of prose ever written by a national sports writer. How Dodd has garnered the number of awards he has is probably more an affirmation of the dearth of great college football writers covering the game right now than Dodd’s actual ability.

2. What writer, broadcaster, show, website etc. deserves more recognition? Who is someone we should all be reading, watching or listening to?
There are obviously a number of great blogs currently writing original content that are worth a read on a regular basis. To try to list these blogs would be an affront to those I may forget to mention. If someone is interested in a sampling of these great blogs, just check out The Truth Laid Bear College Football Community or mgoblog’s listing of BlogPoll voters.

With regard to traditional news outlets, I enjoy reading Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde on These guys, more often than not, write pieces that are actually worth reading and stimulate worthwhile thought. With a combination of minimal fluff and accessible prose, Forde and Maisel can hardly be beat.

When speaking about underappreciated television or radio analysts, Bill Curry does a great job and rarely gets any publicity for it. He may not be the most excitable guy, but his knowledge of the game overcomes his understated tone.

Finally, there are the great play-by-play men that don’t get enough love. Guys like Brad Nessler and Dave Sims are ultra classy and rarely make watching the game of football a chore.

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