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West Virginia Quick Predictions

Steers, beers, and Mountaineers. Greeeeat.
Syracuse is entering the Carrier Dome tomorrow at noon to take on bitter gridiron rival West Virginia after seven (Editor’s Note: That is a shit ton.) turnovers against South Florida. West Virginia is having turnover problems of their own as of late, but this game is going to come down to an air game.

West Virginia, fresh off four fumbles lost in a mostly close win against Colorado, enters the Carrier Dome looking to earn a nice conference win against rival Syracuse and keep that cute little rivalry trophy that has never been in the possession of Syracuse since I entered school there. I could tell you statistics like WVU ranks 13th in the country in total yards with 465.3ypg or that while Syracuse averages 94 rush yards a game, WVU averages 208.5. But frankly these statistics are not going to matter much. This game is going to be a shootout. Syracuse, and by Syracuse I mean Greg Paulus and Mike Williams, are going to do everything to make sure that Syracuse gets on the board. WVU QB Jarrett Brown will also try to stretch the field vertically. Syracuse’s defense will probably allow a few running plays, but WVU and RB Noel Devine, who burned SU last season late in the game, will probably not have the same success this year. If Syracuse can contain Brown like they did BJ Daniels last week, Syracuse has a very good chance of ending up on top. But let’s face it, Syracuse’s secondary sucks. That being said, so does WVU. This game is going to be an air show. The difference will be who can outlast the other team and not throw interceptions. While I do not think Paulus will throw nearly as many, he will probably toss one up when he shouldn’t. Either way, West Virginia is just a slightly better team right now than Syracuse is. So I think that this game will go much like last week, although probably not as tragic or lopsided. Syracuse will make a respectable showing on the scoreboard. Hell, Syracuse might even win this. I’m just not that confident, and therefore will stick with my original pre-season call of the loss here. Syracuse loses to West Virginia 35 to 24.

Today is a day that I have waited for though. Not only will this weekend be fun, as several of my good friends will be in town for this match, but today is #BeatWVU day on Twitter. While I realize that sounded ridiculous, several WVU sources have called down the thunder of the Syracuse faithful. Today should be epic, so if you are on Twitter, be sure to check out that hashtag above. It will surely fill you with all the WVU hate you can stand just in time for the weekend. I’ll be in the Dome as per usual on Saturday at nooner (Editor’s Note: Christ these nooners are killing me slowly), so check out @BH_Orange44 and Orange::44 Correspondent John Brennan at @JBren as well. One thing is for sure, you can expect several ridiculous photos of some of the… “colorful” WVU fans that will be in attendance. Meanwhile, I’ll see you on the Twitter.

PS: WVU, you better bring the guy Mountaineer. Leave that amateur, chick Mountaineer in Morgantown. I gotta be able to yell “your mascot is just a dude with a gun."

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  1. # Anonymous JM

    Would it be possible to yell, "Your mascot is just a chick with a gun!" ? I'm not sure how the protocol shakes out on this one.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Good point. We'll test it out.  

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