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So go out there and DON'T turn it over. Got it?
You probably watched it. If you didn’t let me sum it up for you briefly. Turnovers. There was a whole damn bunch of them. Sorry for sounding like Coach Mac, but yeah it is what it is. I’ve had like the worst head cold all week so sorry for the absence, but this game wasn’t pleasant to be at so I’ll get right to the grades.

They looked alright in the first half, and dreadful in the second. Overall it was not a bad outing for the offense as a whole, earning 344 total yards, 23 first downs, and 9-15 first downs. But as you know the turnovers, seven total, were asinine. While Mike Williams (13 catches, 186yds, 14.3avg, 2 TD) is putting a legitimate All-Big East campaign together, he cannot do it along. Delone Carter had only 43 yards. The next closest receiver only had 27 yards. This is a problem. The turnovers really killed this entire team though, and they earn a middle grade for being a middle unit.

It is the same for the defense, because the situation is the same. Syracuse can stop the run. Syracuse cannot stop the pass. While USF got 125 rush yards total, only 68 came from RB Mike Ford. Syracuse also caused three turnovers, which is very good. But you knew as soon as Syracuse gave up an 85 yard pass on USF’s first offensive play of the second half, it was all downhill from there. The secondary is just dreadful. I can’t say that enough. Back in 2005 it was the offensive line. Today, it is the secondary. Start recruiting Doug.

Special Teams
Nothing too special, but they did their job. Rob Long only punted twice, because you do not need to punt when you just pass the other team the ball. However, he punted one beautifully behind the 20. Ryan LICHTENSTEIN hit both field goals attempts, the longest of which was 40 yards, and two of two extra points. Nothing else is worth noting. There were no epic collapses from the unit this week, so kudos to them.

I think the gameplan for this week was probably fine and correct. I think they prepared for BJ Daniels as well as could have been done, and they did a nice job of containing him. However, every time they had him on the run, the secondary was well off some receiver and they converted. I don’t know what more could have been done by the coaches. It seems that the secondary is just basically talentless at this point.

C+ (2.35)
This game was much like a lot of games last year. The team would have moderate success, the other team would adjust, and then fireworks for them. Sadly the defense was not helped by being on the field several more times because of the seven turnovers the offense had. Syracuse was probably not going to win this game anyway, but being down by only one at the half, and then giving up the ball so many times, it sealed their fate. You cannot win by turning over the ball seven times. You also cannot win without a secondary.

Syracuse takes on West Virginia this Saturday at noon in the Carrier Dome once again. I’ll have more coverage on that tomorrow. For now I’ll attempt to rest so I’ll be able to be there again in person.

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