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“Ernie Davis Legends Field.” Did you say it as awkwardly as I did? As soon as I saw this announcement I was instantly disgusted. Not because of the subject that it is intended to honor, because that is very worthy. No, it was the choices that the Athletic Department has made and continues to make.

The marketing department, headed by one Lael Gross (a certified unqualified person in the position that I’ve written about before) has churned out an endless list of retired numbers, halftime honors, and assorted plaques and awards that are about as meaningful and valid as a coupon for Darwin’s Pub. News flash to the marketing department; no one really cares about this stuff. People just want to see a competitive game, and their team win. I’m glad Coach Mac got into the Hall of Fame and he had a halftime ceremony. But will the simple fact of him being honored at halftime bring in even one more paid admission? I am guessing not at all. And I’m all for honoring my Hometown Hero Ernie Davis as I said. But this whole Legends Field thing is ridiculous. Either make it Legends Field, or Ernie Davis Field (or seeing as there is a banner in the Dome saying “Greatest Player Ever” for Jim Brown, maybe him), but don’t have it both. And don’t make this some ridiculous spectacle as well.

I also like how it took a “gift” for them to come up with this idea. Meaning were it not for a boatload of cash from Sam and Carol Nappi, whoever the hell they are, nothing would have changed. Now with a statue on campus, and a newly constructed (almost finished) dorm on campus, I think Ernie would be alright without his name on the field. I actually wouldn’t mind Legends Field, but this is yet another blight from an underexperienced, delusional Athletic Department.

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  1. # Blogger Josh

    Hear hear. It's astounding how out-of-touch with the average fan the AD continues to be. (And you can read that "D" as "Director" or "Department".) They seem to lack any sort of 'common touch' or even common sense. Try a focus group for pete's sake.

    It's clear that the Good Doctor is trying to put his personal stamp on all aspects of the department, to leave a legacy. My fear is that he'll stick around long enough to ensure that his stupid moves cannot be undone (see: retired #44) because after another 10 years or so go by, it'll be "established tradition". Ugh.  

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