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South Florida Quick Predictions

At least it's not a bull's ass, right?
Syracuse enters Big East play for the 2009 football season this week, and on Homecoming no less. And it is a tall order as well. Syracuse will be playing the South Florida Bulls. A team that just beat a ranked Florida State team in Tallahassee. A tall feat. Syracuse meanwhile comes off of a half assed win against 1-AA Maine. Reality has set back in that Syracuse will have to play a great ballgame this weekend to win.

Syracuse enters the game averaging 26.3ppg, putting them at 64th in the NCAA. USF averages 37.8ppg, putting them in 21st. On top of that USF has allowed 27 points, whereas Syracuse has allowed 109, which is more than they have earned. As a matter of fact, Syracuse has allowed more points than they have scored overall. However, Syracuse will not be facing Orange killer Matt Grothe, but rather BJ Daniels. While he had a spectacular performance last weekend, specifically rushing 23 times for 146 yards, it is highly suspect that he will have the same performance this week. This defense has clearly watched the film, and will be ready to stop the run by any means necessary. Daniels threw two interceptions last week, so Syracuse could wind up winning the turnover battle, and earning points off of them. Of course, Syracuse will face the best defense they have seen so far, specifically with DE George Selvie. He is one of the best defensive players in the league, so SU will have their hands full. If Syracuse can create turnovers, and keep scoring (especially converting third downs against this tough defense), Syracuse will force USF to respond. Syracuse needs to play a perfect and balanced game though. If Syracuse establishes the run, which they really have not been able to these past games, the Syracuse has a real chance to shock the league. If not, it will be another day for the Bulls in the Carrier Dome. I just don’t see Syracuse being able to convert most of their third downs and playing a perfect game, so I sadly have to give it to the Bulls on Homecoming. I’d love to #BeatUSF, but I have to call USF over Syracuse in a fairly close game 30 to 24.

It is Homecoming so you know I’ll be in the Carrier Dome at high noon (as Axe likes to say). Look for my tweets (@BH_Orange44) or Correspondent John Brennan (@JBren) during the game, however I warn you I will be tweeting far less this week than the last. Either way, it should be an entertaining game, and a good time for everyone. It’s Homecoming, so even if you can’t get to Syracuse this weekend, think back fondly on your time on the hill, or if you aren’t a graduate your time in the Dome. Win or lose, it should be a good time as it is college football. Just don’t do The Wave. To hammer this point home, tune into the Syracuse Blogisphere’s Public Service Announcement below.

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