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Nunes::44 - 9-25-09

Nunes knows how to run a good offense, and he was impressed with Greg.
It's another installment of my weekly conversation with Sean of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician. Today we talk about the Northwestern win, Doug Marrone's face, and other assorted things that will surely put you in that oh so happy place. Thanks to Sean as always. Enjoy!
1. Orange::44: Syracuse has their first win of the season. What did you take away from this game?

Nunes: That we are actually "not bad," just as we suspected. We're officially in a position where we can win games against mediocre teams and challenge decent teams at home. It's not much, but for Syracuse, it's a huge improvement.

I think most of us (except you) went into this game feeling like Syracuse could win. It was nice to be proven right for once (sucks to be you, though). Had we lost the game in a similar fashion to the way we lost to Minnesota, if would have felt like we were still stuck behind this wall we just can't get around and it would have stuck with us all season.

Not to mention the fact that being 1-2 at this point in the season is HUGELY different than being 0-3, especially with the chance to go 2-2 this week. And that with attendance quickly sagging, the win will likely slow that trend (Maine drop-off notwithstanding). That win was so huge.

2. Orange::44: Greg Paulus and Mike Williams were electric in this game. Is Williams' dropsies a thing of the past?

Nunes: Remains to be seen. Who’s to say why Williams, and most of the Syracuse receivers, were suffering through the dropsies. Obviously, Mike's proven that it was an exception and not the rule. If I were one of the other SU receivers, especially the young ones, I'd be working with Mike every chance I got to harness that "thing" he's got going for him.

When was the last time you could look at a QB-WR combo that had such a great game for SU? I honestly don't remember. Maybe Robinson-Williams two years ago. But that feels like ten years ago at this point.

3. Orange::44: What is different about this year's defense that makes them so successful?

Nunes: Conditioning and scheme. The two areas we expected Greg Robinson to take care of the most where his two biggest weaknesses as a head coach. We complained til we were orange in the face last year about how unconditioned this team looked. By the 3rd quarter they were almost always gassed. Now, there's an extra gear that a lot of these guys are kicking in and it's showing.

Plus, and I will say this until I'm orange in the face this year, Syracuse got an absolute STEAL on Scott Shafer. Assuming he sticks around for another couple years, he's going to turn this defense into a monster. Aside from one bad year in Michigan (which was probably less his fault and more RichRod), he's defenses have always been stellar and he's proven that an "attack" defense isn't just hyperbole, it's a real thing.

Of course, SU still has a lot of issues defensively, namely in the backfield. But based on what's's been night and day.

4. Orange::44: Matt Grothe is done for the year. Several other Big East schools, save Cincinnati, are looking down. Suddenly, this season looks completely different for Syracuse, right?

Nunes: Yeah its funny. Everyone seems very quick to point out that the Big East is down overall but when you ask them to turn that into wins for Syracuse, they're still very hesitant. But aside from Cincy, can you honestly tell me any team in the conference looks like a shoe-in to beat the Orange?

USF just lost the #1 passer (stat-wise) in Big East history. Pitt is 3-0 but very untested. Rutgers laid an egg against the only real competition it's played so far. Louisville is nothing special. UConn is frisky but not imposing. West Virginia is way down.

I'm not saying SU should go 5-2 in the Big East. But I think for the most part, the Orange have the opportunity to win some football games, especially given what we've seen of them so far.

5. Orange::44: Doug Marrone is pretty stoic on the sidelines, but he is typically a straight shooter in press conferences. Did you want to see him be more excited after that first win?

Nunes: I thought his reaction was perfect. He was pleased but he acted like he's been there before. He's a big picture guy. He knows that one win is nice but it's not the final destination. His mindset seems to be "Great, we won one, now let's win the rest." And that's what we want. A guy who's not satisfied with "flashes." We want a guy who's not satisfied until we go 12-0. That's Dougles.

6. Orange::44: We've talked about Twitter the last few weeks. What do you think will be the next big thing for bloggers?

Nunes: Good question. I really feel like chats are dying a not-so-slow death. I'd like to see the comments morph into something else if that's possible. I look at blogs as mini-communities and the readers influence what's happening as much as the writers do in some senses.

Twitter has been such a great tool for that because it levels the playing field. We're no longer on my blog and you're the commenter. Now we're both on common ground, sharing the same info.

I'm sure the Next Big Thing is already happening. I look forward to jumping on its bandwagon six months late when it happens.

7. Orange::44: Finally, if you could share a luxury box with anyone while watching a Syracuse game who would it be and why?
Nunes: I'm not much of a celebrity person. Maybe its because I'm jaded from working in Hollywood. So to me, I don't think I'd really get too much out of being in a booth with great SU players or coaches. Plus. I'm pretty sure Boeheim would just spent the entire game complaining.

Sounds corny but I would love to get all of the folks from the Syracuse blogs and radio and get us all together in a luxury box to watch a game together. All of those personalities in one room, making jokes, celebrating, eating way more than they should (we're bloggers after all), I just think it would be a fantastic atmosphere.

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4 Responses to “Nunes::44 - 9-25-09”

  1. # Anonymous Scud77

    I think the end of Sean's answer to the last question got cut off it said "...that, or Julie Boeheim"  

  2. # Blogger Russianator

    Sign me up for the luxury box. Actually, although I have my own seasons tickets and have had them for years, I'll be watching the W. Va game from a box. It's nice getting those second half beers let me tell you.  

  3. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Way to sell out Russ. Pass us down some beers then!  

  4. # Anonymous Axeman

    I'll bring the guacamole.  

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