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I can't post a logo tonight for some reason. #DealWithIt
It's another Homecoming weekend. I'm already in Syracuse writing this, not on my usual rig, so I can't even post an awesome throwback Pitt logo. Either way, it should be a fun weekend for all involved. And hey, this is a winnable game. One of the last on the schedule. You know, because Pittsburgh isn't Clemson or Florida State.
Syracuse needs to do two things. Make Eric Dungey's life easy and call plays that set him and Syracuse up for success on offense. And stop Pitt on 3rd downs. Dungey is surprisingly efficient as QB and is in the top 25 in the nation. However, Pitt defense is also very efficient in making stops. Something has to give. My gut is to give it to the Pitt Defense, however I honestly have a feeling that Dungey and Tim Lester will be getting a ton of film study and getting the top plays ready for this weekend as this is without question even more a must win game compared to last weekend. I think Dungey stays in the pocket more and will make smarter passes down the field. Pittsburgh will be able to contain him for a while but he will be making plays with his arm and his feet. If the Syracuse defense can limit Pitt from marching down the field on every down they have a shot. Otherwise, Pitt will run away with it. But it's Homecoming and I'm not picking against Syracuse versus Pittsburgh. The last few games have been decided by a point and even though Pitt comes in #25 Syracuse always plays Pitt tough. This one should be an entertaining battle. But I'm taking the Orange in this one. Syracuse over Pitt 28 to 27.
This game will be available nationally on ESPN U at 12:00pm. NOONER! Both John and I will be in the Dome tomorrow so it should be a fun time. Say hi. We'll see you out there. For everyone making the trip, have a safe journey, and as always GO ORANGE!

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3 Responses to “Pittsburgh Quick Predictions”

  1. # Blogger Charlotte Stratton

    Thanks for your comments! I will agree it's going to be a doozy no matter what. Lotsa history here. I am in total denial that i am missing it due to kid commitments..won't even be able to follow on twitter. I will pray our defense is in beast mode read all the blogs afterward! #Cuse  

  2. # Blogger Charlotte Stratton

    And what is the Orange Consortium?  

  3. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Orange Consortium?  

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