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I know the feeling, Doug.
What an utter calamity. For both teams. When it came down to it, Cincinnati was the better team on the field after and during the 60 minute contest. I have no problem with that. It was evident by what they did and the final score. I have a problem with how things transpired however. Cincinnati beats the Orange 35 to 24.
Ryan Nassib (23/47, 286yds, 1 TD, 0 INT) started bad, but did get better as the game progressed. The run game was solid, but everything else was spotty. There were fumbles, drops, and all sorts of calamaties. Alec Lemon was again solid, and Beckett Wales was probably the best offensive player on the day. Syracuse went 9/21 on first downs, earned 24, had 479 total yards of offense (more than UC) and was 1/2 on fourth down conversions. They had a solid day, save for the turnovers. Far better than the rest of the team. But a wide receiver should never false start. Ever.
Syracuse couldn't tackle or stop the run to save their life. While Cincinnati had less yards than Syracuse, and less first downs, they let Cincinnati power down the field multiple times. They couldn't seem to stop them in the second half. I mean, good grief. Forcing three turnovers was good though. It should have been more but we'll get to that.
Special Teams
Starting the game by coughing up the ball for an easy score is probably the worst way to start. Missing two field goals also doesn't help.
So. Many. Penalties. The team's offense may have been acceptable on the field, but all those penalties were not. The team regressed in every phase but offense. And even that offense started very slowly. A good chunk of the blame of this game should rest on coaching. Not those WR false starts, but a good portion yes.
C- (1.68)
This game was a disaster for Syracuse. Not because they lost, but because of the mistakes and penalties. All of which were dumb. Some of which were not their fault, but they couldn't overcome. This game was brutal to watch. I'm glad it's over.
F to the replay official. Two plays were clearly botched. It allowed Cincinnati to keep possession twice when they had lost it. It then resulted in two touchdowns. Simply unacceptable.
Syracuse now settles in for their last home game against Louisville. A tough task. Easily the hardest game remaining on the schedule. And Homecoming no less. Should be fun.

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