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Fun to see that Coach P face one last time, on a different sideline.
The Orange faced a familiar face on the opposite sideline on a Friday night. I love Friday night games, but not as much as the Syracuse football team apparently. Granted, UConn isn't exactly a powerhouse. But dropping 40 points on a team that you were expected to barely beat is always fun. Syracuse beats UConn 40-10.
Ryan Nassib (14/20, 251yds, 2 TD, 0 INT) had a great game. Jerome Smith had 133 yards on 19 carries, bowling over UConn players. In a feat I've never seen, Syracuse had exactly the same rush yards as passing yards with 251 each. They had 21 first downs, were 8/15 on third downs, had 502 total yards, and had the ball almost ten minutes more than UConn. They also put up 28 of Syracuse's 40 points. A great day on the field, despite a relatively slow start.
-6. That's right, UConn had -6 rushing yards. Granted, sacks played a part of that, but limiting Lyle McCombs to only 16 yards on 12 carries os pretty fantastic. They forced a turnover in a fumble and picked off a late INT to stop any hope of a garbage time TD. No complaints here, except for the one UConn touchdown that was allowed due to just a terrible blown coverage in the secondary. That was just terrible. But I guess it mattered little in the long run. Either way, that earns the minus.
Special Teams
Ross Krautman went 4/4 on field goals, including a 47 yarder. Not to mention the great field position Syracuse often started in, and the not so great field position UConn did. Bang up job.
There were no issues that came up like trying to make a comeback late in this game. The gameplan worked and was executed. Syracuse stopped practically everything thrown and ran at it. The Tank Formation and running the ball worked extremely well. All and all, Marrone and the coordinators earned their paychecks.
A (3.85)
Clearly this is the best outing of the year. While UConn is not a good team, Syracuse just played extremely well in all phases of the game. Absolutely fun to watch when a team plays this well against a team that you love to see them beat. I like when Syracuse wins. I love when Syracuse beats UConn. Sorry Coach P.
D- to the extra security. Not only was it unnecessary, not only did it create a long line, not only was it pretty pointless, but they didn't even really use the metal detecting wands when I got to the front of the line. So that means that there was just a long line for no reason. Thanks Carrier Dome
Syracuse likely goes out beating UConn in their final match up, not only in the conference, but probably for a good long while. Syracuse travels to South Florida for another evening affair, but this time on a Saturday. USF hasn't won a conference game yet. Syracuse's defense could stop them, or get owned. We'll find out on Saturday.

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  1. # Blogger John Brennan

    I agree with these grades. Clearly the most complete victory of the season, and possibly, of the Doug Marrone Era.  

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