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Flynn Doing Fine, Others... Not So Much

Flynn has been one of the more productive rookies in the NBA Summer League.
A quick post this afternoon before my impending doom about what the experts think of the rookie class for the NBA. It’s official: people like Jonny Flynn. Plus the second half of this article was too good not to note here. Flynn was ranked third on David Thorpe of Scouts Inc. writing for ESPN’s list. He puts Flynn at #3 behind Blake Griffin of the Clippers and Tyreke Evans of the Kings. Of Flynn, he states:
As of today, he's the starting point guard for a team that has great talent inside (and two big bodies to use as ball screens). Flynn has great charisma on the floor, and he can use his jets in both the half-court and full-court game.
the Wolves don't have a backup point guard who demands playing time, Flynn may lead this rookie class in minutes played. And with his confidence and talent, he'll put up very productive numbers. Unless … Ricky Rubio decides to suit up for the Wolves, too.
At this point, I think most fans of Flynn are hoping that Rubio decides to either sit out the year or just gets traded elsewhere. Thorpe goes on to list his top ten rookies via the formula of talent plus opportunity. Then he lists his next ten, numbers 11 through 20. Then he even goes on to list seven more that are the “best of the rest”. Finally, he lists what he labels as “The projects list.” On this list is Ricky Rubio, mainly because of his Spanish team issue and not playing in the summer league. But then he lists at the very bottom of his article Hasheem Thabeet of the Grizzlies and formally of the UConn Huskies. Yes that is 29 rookies he thinks are better than Thabeet. On Thabeet, he crafts one of the most intelligent and awesomely backhanded put downs I have ever read. He says:

This much is certain: The Grizzlies knew they were getting a project when they drafted him. And although his attitude seemed positive and his demeanor on the court was professional, his effort level never came close to what it will take for him to have success in the NBA. His lack of strength, balance or scoring skills is not the issue. Give him that same set of weaknesses, but replace his passion for the games with Blake Griffin's, and Memphis would have a center who would be the envy of the entire league.

So not only does he not have the proper strength, balance, or scoring skills for the NBA, but he doesn’t even care either. Amazing. #2 overall seems a bit high now doesn’t it? Way to put in that NBA level effort Thabeet! Thorpe even bashes him in his write up of #7 Rookie Stephen Curry saying that Curry might be the second most disappointing rookie, but second “by a long shot” to Thabeet. Of course I have been saying this kind of stuff for months as you know if you read any of my Big East articles or Syracuse/Connecticut postgame reactions. Either way, it is nice to see that finally the national media has taken off the blinders and realizes that he seems to not even care if he is good at basketball because it was all about the pay day or status for him. No pride in his work. What a shame and some legacy for UConn to hold on to.

The article, of you care about that whole NBA thing, is here, but I warn you that you need an ESPN Insider account to view it. Enjoy the national media now slamming Thabeet instead of treating him like he walks on water and is God’s gift to shot blocking.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Flynn by far one of the most explosive players in this years draft, although he may not be as consistent as a Blake Griffin who you figure will average a double double most days, Flynn knows how to be a leader and thats exactly what the young Timberwolves squad needs. As for Hasheem Thabeet you knew his basketball talents were lackluster when you watched him at 7'3" not even average a double double in college, pure waste of potential  

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