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The 2009 SOB's: Favorite Moment of the Year

I genuinely wish I had one of these in my living room.
Welcome back everyone! The SOB’s are rolling on as it is time to reveal the favorite moment of the year. There were several interesting nominees for the award.

Ray of SWRLU enjoyed some fisticuffs:
The fights during the Seton Hall BET Game.

Nick Loucks of Nick's 2 Cents enjoyed that UConn game, but he enjoyed another moment the most:
As a collective moment, nothing since April 7, 2003 tops the 6-OT game... but for a single, jump-out-of-my-seat, key play in a clutch moment against a good team, Paul Harris' hustle-back-on-defense block late in the game against Kansas to preserve a chance to win was very memorable.

Matt Glaude of Hoya Suxa picked a non-Syracuse moment that was satisfying:
My favorite moment was actually two moments: St. John's beating Georgetown twice in the span of a week. That was sweeter than prison wine.

Alex O. of SWRLU (#2) enjoyed a posterizing:
Flynn Dunks on Rosario: Best Syracuse dunk since Hakim's teabagging.

There were two votes for Devendorf’s table antics:

Devo hitting a disqualified three-pointer at the buzzer to beat UConn in regulation, jumping on the scorer's table and beating his chest. Again, it didn't count. - Damon Amendolara of Orange Fizz

Devo's celebration of his non-game winner against UConn in the B.E.T. – Matt L of The Orange Report

And the other nominee was related to that UConn game but not quite it:
The UConn band playing the "Hey Song" in the 2nd OT, up 8. You never play the "Hey Song" with the game still in question...ask SSS during Pitt last year. I called it then, it would come back and haunt them. – Daniel of SWRLU

But the winner of Favorite Moment of the Year goes to… what else but that fantastic Syracuse/UConn game in Madison Square Garden.

UCONN game again. Not because it went to 6 overtimes, but I had about 12 beers and met this Dame at the bar who made a bad decision to come home with me. – Danny Carberry of The Sport Hump

The 6 OT win. – Andrew Rush of The Three Idiots

Watching the click tick down at the end of the 6-OT UConn game as the celebrations started amongst the players and a silently fist pumped to no one in particular in my living room. – Sean Keeley of Nunes/Magician

The wee hours of the morning on March 13th, after several overtime periods and tense moments. The cathartic release of beating UConn after all those overtimes. Then I spoke to like 50 people the next day and we all had the same conversation.

Person 1: Did you see it?
Me: Absolutely.
Person 1: All of it?
Me: Yes!
Person 1: Amazing.
Me. Epic.

– Brian Harrison, Orange::44

So there you have it, the winner of Favorite Moment of the Year is the 6OT Syracuse/Connecticut affair in the Big East Tournament. But the SOB’s are not done just yet. Head on over to The Three Idiots at 3:00pm for the Best Photo of the Year. Check out Nunes/Magician for the complete schedule and a wrap up of the ceremonies at 4:00pm as well. Thanks for stopping by for the SOB’s and we’ll see you next year.

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