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UConn Football Players Back In Action

This guy just looks like he loves a good fight. And booze.
As I am obligated to remind you readers every time the opportunity presents itself, a secondary mission of this notebook is to chronicle the legal troubles of fellow Big East squads, and most specifically the frequent flyer that is the University of Connecticut. A never ending well of legal issues, the Connecticut UConn Huskies cannot seem to help themselves. This time football gets back in the act.

Redshirt junior linebacker Scott Lutrus was arrested by UConn Police after a fight broke up at an off-campus apartment complex this past Thursday night, according to The Hartford Courant and He was charged with interfering with a police officer and second degree breach of peace. Apparently he, his 23 year old brother, and UConn kicker Desi Cullin were talking near the apartment complex when one of them bumped someone as they walked. The person then later tried to attack the three with a box cutter. That is when a fight erupted, specifically with Lutrus. Then Cullin attempted to break up the extra curriculars with Lutrus’ brother as the police arrived. Sources reported that when asked to explain why his brother was involved, he was told not to talk. Now the article did not actually say who told him not to talk, which seems to me to be pretty important, but again they did not.

Lutrus was recently elected a captain on the UConn team. Now, I get it. I have been to a UConn Spring Weekend. It is just one big drinking weekend. You may remember the article a few years ago about how the police pulled 29 kegs out of a dorm room. A DORM! You have to tip your hat to that. And honestly if it is true that some guy attacked Lutrus and the others with a box cutter, he had every right to engage in a fight to protect himself from imminent injury. But if that was the case why did he just not tell the cop that he got attacked by some douche with a box cutter? And honestly, who told him not to tell the police what happened? I’ll admit I am a little biased in this regard with my relationship to the criminal justice system, but the police have a job out there, and they need to know what happens. When the police asked you what went down, you are supposed to tell them and tell then the truth. Sadly the Captain chose to be coy with police for whatever reason. Thus, he caught a couple of charges. Let this be a lesson to you kids, when you’re out there boozing watch your step. You never know who has a box cutter. Of course there was no word on this kid from Randy Edsall on the fate of this young man, but knowing him and UConn it might not be much of a punishment. He ranked third the Big East last season with 106 tackles, and let UConn in the category. He was a two year starter for the Huskies. H/T to Sean at Nunes/Magician.

As a side note, Friday in Syracuse was The Day. God bless The Day. If you went to SU, or you read this notebook regularly, you know exactly what I mean by The Day. Glorious.

Additionally I will be heading just a short drive up I-91 to Amherst, Massachusetts to watch #2 Syracuse (10-2) take on #15 Massachusetts (7-4). Massachusetts is not in the same class as Syracuse this season, however UMass is not the easiest place to play for the Orange in the past few years, having lost there in 2007, assuring that they would not make the playoffs for the first time since 1982, and losing in 2005 as well. It should be an interesting test for Syracuse however, as this is the fourth and last game for Syracuse away from the friendly confines of the Carrier Dome. It should be a good one, so I will actually have a recap of the game and some photos up by the end of the weekend.

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