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I know man, they are calling ridiculous fouls.
Virginia was a tight one. Syracuse basically played like absolute garbage for 30 out of 40 minutes. They played weak defense and practically could not find the ocean from a boat. Yet the Orange pulled out another game against a struggling but competent Virginia squad to notch their sixth win in a row. Syracuse beats Virginia 73 to 70.

Jonny Flynn was again your leading scorer. He finished with 15 points and six assists. This is a game in which Jim Boeheim had to play his playmaker as he was on the floor for 39 minutes. The majority of points came on free throws as it was up to Flynn to ice the game. He made seven out of 11 free throws for the game.

Andy Rautins, while not the starter, also had 15 points off four three point baskets and three out of seven free throws. He also made the only long range baskets for the Orange in this game. While he had a nice game, he failed to make some free throws down the stretch that could have really iced the game. This allowed Virginia to crawl within a possession at the end of the game. Bad Andy. Good cookiewhich.

Eric Devendorf had 14 points, four assists, and made eight out of nine free throws. Devo also went 3-3 on field goals in the game. He had a pretty good game and did not drive to the basket uncontrollably like he did during the Kansas game.

Paul Harris had a fine game with 13 points and eight rebounds. He did however lead the team with five turnovers, which did not help the situation.

Arinze Onuaku had an underwhelming game, only making one of three field goals. He did shockingly make four of four free throws however, so maybe this is encouraging for the future. He finished the game with six points and ten rebounds. To be fair though, he had to sit out most of the second half with four fouls which he earned on a call that was absolutely not a foul in any way.

Kristof! was a non-factor in this game, much like Kris Joseph. Who did get a lot of face time due to Onuaku’s foul trouble was Rick Jackson. He finished with eight points after shooting four for eight. Honestly, he was terrible in this game though. He bricked the four missed field goals no more than three feet from the basket. They were simply awful and unacceptable. Missing one is one thing, however missing four that close to the basket is no good. Rick Jackson has not progressed to the point where he should be.

Syracuse continues its slide downward in field goal proficiency. Syracuse shot 21 of 45 baskets (46.7%) and also only made four of 13 (30.8%) from three point range. Syracuse did shoot the ball on the free throw line well however (71.1%), which is refreshing. What Syracuse did not do was take care of the ball, coughing the ball up 15 times. Against a team that just previously lost to Liberty 15 turnovers is not good. Against the likes of the best in the Big East, 15 turnovers is a loss.

Really the only thing that kept us in this game were a couple of old fashioned three point plays, and making 27 out of 38 free throws. The simple fact we had 38 free throw attempts says a lot about how Syracuse was out muscled for most of the game. The referees were clearly awful in this game, calling fouls where there was only contact with the ball and any little tap that occurred. This was the case for both teams. This was even a Big East crew. What the hell happened to letting the kids play? Either way, Syracuse simply had a bad game, which they do now and then, and managed to crawl out of it and pull off another win. The team is now ranked #16/20 and simply destroyed Colgate. I’ll have that wrap up tomorrow.


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