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Colgate - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR DAAAAM!

His hair be crazy.
It was the 161st meeting between Colgate and Syracuse. Syracuse had won the previous 42 straight games in the contest leading up to this game, and the finished with number 43. Syracuse wins big in a game that was never even a contest over Colgate 86 to 51.

Your leading scorer was Paul “Afro Man” Harris who had 22 points. He was working in the first several minutes of the ball game as he was responsible for Syracuse getting such a big lead early on. Paul Harris is excellent at the put back rebound in the air. Simply magical to watch. He also displayed that in overtime against Kansas on a missed Andy Rautins three.

Other than that, the team did well and it is of no avail to really analyze this game because this was a far inferior opponent that was not even remotely a contest for Syracuse. Flynn finished with 12 points and seven assists in his first game of the year in which he did not lead in scoring. He also had three steals. Arinze Onuaku had ten points and six rebounds, but he also had three blocks. Eric Devendorf finished with nine points and two steals. He had an excellent game by Devo standards though because he had zero turnovers. I feel that is big for him. Kristof! of course had zero points, but who cares right? He had five rebounds and two assists. That will round out your starting five.

Rick Jackson off the bench was pretty good, scoring ten points off four out of four free throw shooting and three out of six field goals. He also had ten rebounds earning a double-double. Not so good was Andy Rautins, who missed all four of his three point attempts. He finished zero for five on field goals and scored two points off two made free throws. What is Andy’s problem this year? Is Flynn banging his lady or something? Mookie Jones has nine points and three steals in 21 minutes of work. Nice job for the freshman. An assortment of walk ons and bench players saw action in the game as well, including a made three at the buzzer by Jake Presutti. I’m not one to give much love to the walk ons so that is all I’ll say on them.

Syracuse shot well from the floor, making 33 of 65 field goals (50.8%). This is up from the last two contests and the first time they break 50% since the Florida game. Syracuse did not shoot from long range well however, only making four of 17 (23.5%), one of which was that Presutti hit at the end of the game. This is unacceptable for such a talented team. Although it did not matter in this case because Syracuse could do anything they wanted on the floor, Syracuse needs that shot in Big East play. Free throws were finally way up as well as they made 16 of 21 (76.2%). Turnovers were right about the same with 14 on the game, however no one was a big offender just over half the players that saw the floor each had two. Again, Devendorf had zero so that is big for him. The defense was solid, especially in the first half as Colgate struggled to even keep their head above water most of the time.

A fine game for the Orange as they now become 7-0 on the season and 116-45 all time versus Colgate. Syracuse will next face a pretty good Cornell team at home, so stay tuned for that preview. Harris, do whatever you want with your hair if you are going to score 22 points in games with no braids.


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