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BlogPoll Week 14

1Alabama --
2Florida --
3Oklahoma --
4Texas --
5Southern Cal --
6Penn State --
7Texas Tech --
8Utah --
9Boise State --
10Ohio State --
11TCU 3
12Cincinnati 3
13Ball State 3
14Oklahoma State 1
15Michigan State 3
16Boston College 3
17Oregon 4
18Brigham Young 2
19Georgia Tech 7
20Missouri 8
21Georgia 10
22Pittsburgh 3
23Northwestern --
24Mississippi 2
25Oregon State 8

Dropped Out: Florida State (#22), West Virginia (#24).
* No real action at the top. Alabama remains my number one team after blanking Auburn and remaining perfect.
* Florida still looks like they belong in the National Championship and I still like them juuuuust better than Oklahoma. However, Oklahoma looked outstanding against a good Okey State team in Stillwater.
* Sadly Texas will probably not get a chance to play for the Natty Championship, but I think that is probably alright. Do I still want a playoff though? You know it.
*Oklahoma State only falls one spot after losing to the superior Oklahoma squad. I just like Mike Gundy's team better than the ones below it.
*Missouri and Georgia tumble after losing to Kansas and Georgia Tech. Again, they fall so much because the teams I have above them are clearly better in my mind, and the teams below them could most likely beat them at this point.
* Georgia Tech appears on my poll for the first time, especially after beating Georgia. They start in the #19 slot. They were on the fence of making it last week, but this win definitely gets them on. Also new to the poll is Mississippi.
* Florida State drop out, along with West Virginia after letting me down by losing to Pittsburgh again, thus clincing the Big East for Cincy, not giving Syracuse the chanve to play the spoiler.
* Oregon State lost to Oregon, therefore they are just clinging on to the #25 spot. Oregon thus jumps four more spots.
* It is worth noting that the ACC Championship game is once again a Big East matchup between Boston College and Virginia Tech. Well done traditional football powerhouse ACC.
What do you think?

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3 Responses to “BlogPoll Week 14”

  1. # Anonymous Andriy Kahn

    You know, it seems strange, but the team that really sticks out in your poll is Michigan State.

    They have been utterly obliterated by the two teams above them in the Big 10. OSU and PSU had an easier time with MSU then...: Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern and Minnesota.

    MSU's best win.... Iowa? Hell, even ND is better then Iowa.

    So, like.. worst 9-3 team ever?  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    That could very well be. But there is something about them that is very likable isn't there? For only having three losses though they are a pretty good team. I don't know if ND is better than Iowa though.  

  3. # Anonymous Andriy Kahn

    And, MSU also beat ND in week three I believe.

    MSU has been losing at halftime by at least 3 touchdowns to both top ten teams that they have played so far. Three losses, (one to meh Cal) sure, but no quality wins either.

    If the metric is placed equally in burden across the poll, then Utah, BSU, and BSU should form some sort of the top 4 with Alabama?

    Blogpolls are fun.  

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