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Syracuse - Kansas Preview

Syracuse students agree: We're too young to have seen the last victory over Kansas.
Syracuse played a hard fought game last night versus #18 Florida. Syracuse was victorious. Now Syracuse plays #23 Kansas in a rematch from the 2003 National Championship. That last game came down to missed free throws and a saving block from Hakim Warrick. Tonight could very well be the same situation after all the missed free throws from last night. Syracuse needs to make free throws to put games away as evident from last night. Guard Sherron Collins is averaging 19.7 ppg and 3.3 assists. Rebounding machine Markieff Morris could give Onuaku trouble down below. Syracuse will again need a solid night from shooters Devendorf and Rautins, but also a huge night from Onuaku. Clearly this game will also come down to the defense against the shooters of Kansas. Look for the match up of the Kansas backcourt and the man and zone defense of Syracuse. If Syracuse is defending well and getting rebounds, this should be an easy game for Syracuse. Again, I just have a feeling Syracuse will match up well against this squad. Last night I picked Syracuse over Florida by five and they won by six. Tonight I will say Syracuse over Kansas by seven.

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7 Responses to “Syracuse - Kansas Preview”

  1. # Blogger voteprime

    Are you telling me Hakim is suited up and ready to play for SU tonight?

    I'm not sure how he'll gel with this team, but I swear to God, he better be on the floor if Kansas is down by 3 with just second to go!  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    God willing. Sad to say he definitely has used up all his eligibility. If anyone knows a good shot blocker though, but them on the plane to KC.  

  3. # Blogger KW

    I'm thinkin we'll run a little more man than zone tonight eh? Shutdown Collins and put AO 1v1 with Aldrige... At least to start the game anyways  

  4. # Blogger KW

    I meant Morris... not Aldrige  

  5. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    Get me Kueth Duany.

    Hell, get me Duany Duany.

    Somebody please...just get me a Duany!  

  6. # Anonymous The Glaude

    Don't forget about the other Duany siblings:

    Nok Duany -- Georgetown (women)
    Nyagon Duany -- Bradley (women)
    Bil Duany -- Eastern Illinois (men)  

  7. # Anonymous Vito

    Nok Duany sucks!  

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