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The first game is always hopeful. No dreams have been crushed yet.
I am going to try something different this season. I normally stick simply with postgame reactions to each football game and provide analysis. I will most assuredly do this, with the traditional Orange::44 report card ranking (and unfortunately provide the crying kids if fortune does not smile on the Orange). However, I feel that most pundits will give predictions, as my predecessor here Matt Glaude would. Speaking of Matt Glaude, on his new site Hoya Suxa he penned an outstanding preview of the first half of the season so check that out here before continuing with your day. Anyway, I will just simply give a short paragraph of my thoughts each Thursday or Friday before a game with my honest thoughts and predictions. Today we look ahead to Northwestern.

Because of the simple fact that I have no clue what film Northwestern can study on Syracuse, I think we will surprise them. We have a new offense this year, running backs that really didn’t play last year that are pretty good, and a hopefully improved offensive line. Therefore, I believe we will catch Northwestern off guard in the first half of the game and surprise them with offense. I think we will manage to hold them off, but just barely in the second half. I predict a Syracuse win by 4 points. If I’m wrong, you’ll see the Orange::44 trademark crying child by 4:00pm on Saturday. If not, hey… awesome. I’ll be watching tomorrow live on ESPN 2 at 12:00pm. Until next time, Go Orange!
Finally, a very happy 829 for those of you that that still means something to. I miss it and we hope you do too.


4 Responses to “Northwestern Quick Predictions”

  1. # Blogger DarylGrossIsSuperman

    829, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany...  

  2. # Anonymous The Glaude

    Four things come to mind regarding that 829 video:

    1. Halloween was always fun.

    2. I am fucking old. I was probably around 829 before half the people in that video were even thinking about going to high school.

    3. I was a fucking fatass in college.

    4. I gotta have the record for consecutive years wearing an orange hat with a block S. Going on almost a decade.  

  3. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    I agree with everything you just said Matt.

    Gross, I have no idea who you are but you probably lived on Clarendon like a pussy.  

  4. # Anonymous McLeavey

    I agree with G-laude on points one and two. I am just happy to have a picture make the video, 8 years after I graduate.

    Kitchen wrestling was always enjoyable. I am 3-0 in my career.  

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