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Sorry About That Whole "Gone For The Summer" Thing

Brian Harrison has been known to flash. Next question.
So I realize I have not been around much this summer. Believe me, it was distressing for me too. I mean, during the school year I averaged two to three new articles a week, and that wasn’t even counting postgame reactions. But, with a new school year and a new football season, that also brings renewed commitment to this blog. While I have essentially milked a summer vacation for myself (and by vacation I mean working a full time job as a public defender), I have still been paying attention and will bring you much more content and at the usual “school year” pace you are used to. Over the course of the next few weeks I will bring you my 2008 Big East Football Prospectus, an annual eight part series previewing every team in the Big East Conference. I also have a special four part series on Ernie Davis leading up to the premier of “The Express”, the movie about his life which I am attending the world premier in Syracuse of. Additionally, we have some instigatory material on UConn and other dreaded foes of the Orange that will hopefully delight you and torment the Husky faithful. As well, with the new football season comes a renewed correspondence between Sean at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician and myself in the form of our Nunes::44 and Orange::44 is an Absolute Magician features on our respective blogs. So moral of the story; there will be plenty of new content here starting very soon and continuing until my usual school commitments prevent me from being overly diligent. It’s been a nice little break from the whole thing, but I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rigors of another football season and another school year. Thanks for stopping by, sorry summer was so dull, but I’m back and ready to go and so is Orange::44. Now if only Axeman would return my calls again…

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5 Responses to “Sorry About That Whole "Gone For The Summer" Thing”

  1. # Blogger Johnny

    Welcome back Brian!  

  2. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    We speak your name!  

  3. # Anonymous Axeman

    Who is this "Brian Harrison" you speak of?  

  4. # Blogger Poncho Sinatra

    Welcome back my friend....Currently down in Elmira visiting the folks, will tip a cold one back at Hogan's to the return of Orange44!


  5. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Thanks Danny. However, my softball team was The Green Derby this summer so I tended to head there.  

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