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The SOB's - Favorite Moment

I'll take two!
It’s time to hand out another SOB Award. Thanks to A.E.M. at The Orange Squeeze for bringing us the Best Non-Game Related Moment. We now turn our attention to the Favorite Moment from the 2007-2008 basketball season. Some of the nominees were:

When Johnny Flynn won Big East Co-Freshmen of the Year. – A.E.M. from The Orange Squeeze.

The Win over Georgetown at home. Always is great to beat the Hoyas, especially with all of the injuries this season. – Howie Mansfield from Sports Night with Howie Mansfield.

Arinze Onuaku breaking the backboard at Midnight Madness and Paul Harris dunking over two student managers. If I remember anything about this season it's going to be the two of them. – Jameson from CuseAdelphia.

With three votes, the runner up is Johnny Flynn’s three point basket to win the St. Joseph’s Game:

We'd have to say Johnny Flynn's game winning three-ball against St. Joe's in the NIT season tip-off. We'd have been yearning for CBI tournament invitation w/o him this year. – Three Idiots on Sports.

Both the guys from Cuse Country, Josh and Syracusan, agreed with this one.

But the winner as voted on by the esteemed blogger panel is...
Kristof! and his slam dunk in the Marquette Game:

When you are winning in a game you are happy, when you are playing a great game you are ecstatic, and when you see a player of lesser offensive ability steal a ball, dribble the entire court including a crossover dribble, then two handed slam the ball while taking a hard foul, well that is what sets the crowd completely off. This was the defining moment in the Marquette game, and a game that ended the regular season on a very high note, providing that there was still hope to play in the NCAA. – Orange::44.

Ongenaet's coast-to-coast steal and flush against Marquette. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. – Matt Glaude from Hoya Suxa.

Kristof's back-to-back dunks vs. Marquette. The Dome was delirious. – Brent Axe of The Axeman Bloggeth.

No singular moment took me from the brink of blowing chunks to the edge of my seat to whopping it up like an over-eager teenager getting drunk for the first time like this. – Nick Loucks from Nick's 2 Cents.

Kristof Ongenaet, stealing the ball, going coast-to-coast against 3 Marquette players, with a nice cross over dribble at mid court and then a dunk to finish the play. Unbelievable. – Ray from OrangeHoops.

Ongenaet's steal and dunk. It just brings to mind the word "giddy." It was a "giddy" moment. – Sean from Nunes/Magician.
So there you have it. Congratulations to Kristof! for providing the Best Moment of the season. Again, for the complete list of awards, times they are handed out, and what sites are doing it, plus the results from Day 1 of the SOB's, check Nunes/Magician right here. Stay tuned at 5:00pm for the One Play You Wish We Could Do Over Award at Nunes/Magician. Until next year, this is Brian from Orange::44 reminding you that winning an award is cool, winning a championship lasts forever.


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  1. # Anonymous Alex

    I actually elbowed my girlfriend in the face when Kristof made that dunk.  

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