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The SOB's - Best Syracuse Video

Who wouldn't want this in their living room?
The SOB’s keep on rolling. Nice to see you if you are joining us from CuseAdelphia. It is now time to announce the best Syracuse Related Video. This is simply the coolest, awesomest, badest, and simply the best Syracuse video to be found on the internet. There were several interesting nominations that did not win the award.

We first start out with a very famous video from Mayfest 2007:

Syracuse is hereby awesome because of that video. – Jameson from CuseAdelphia.

Next, nominated was a sick dunk from Paul Harris against Villanova in the Carrier Dome:

This was picked because of “the strength and quickness of Harris is on display.” – Howie Mansfield from Sports Night with Howie Mansfield.

Another dunk made the nominations:

SU vs. Maryland; Jardine with the steal, pass to Flynn, who bounces the ball between his own legs to Greene trailing on the play who dunks it home. – Ray from OrangeHoops.

Next, another dunk from an unlikely source:

Kristof! – Three Idiots On Sports.

The next nomination was interesting, as it was not from an actual Syracuse player, but rather a fine Syracuse Alumnus:

- Syracusan from Cuse Country.

Finally, the last loser was actually a spectacular clip from Midnight Madness:

Arinze breaks the backboard. What makes this the best version of all the videos of this event is the last five seconds when Coach is trying to restore some order to the scrimmage. – Josh from Cuse Country.

And from the same event:

- Nick Loucks from Nicks 2 Cents.

But the winner of the SOB for Best Syracuse Related Video is:

That’s right, it is my video of Donte Greene playing the drums.

Is there any doubt I'll pick my own video of Donte Greene playing the drums with the Sour Sitrus Society. This video was the buzz of the internet and the Orange Blogisphere for a few days, and even landed on Sports Illustrated On Campus. Plus, it is pretty cool. – Orange::44.

Harrison's video of Donte bringing the funk with Sitrus. Granted, Sitrus sound just atrocious, but Greene is the second coming of Keith Moon. – Matt Glaude from Hoya Suxa.

Donte plays the drums. – Brent Axe from The Axeman Bloggeth.

I have to say after having watched a lot of dunks I will go with the DonteDrummer, cause if he can't hit the 3's in the NBA that will be his next job! – A.E.M. from The Orange Squeeze.

The Drumming video wins out. – Sean From Nunes/Magician.

So there you have it. The winner for Best Syracuse Video. For links to all the sites involved with the SOB’s or the entire schedule of awards, check that out at Nunes/Magician here. Head over to Sports Night w/ Howie Mansfield at 5:00pm for the award for Best Sophomore, and come back here tomorrow at 4:00pm for the award for Favorite Moment of the Year.


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