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Orange::44 Joins The Podcast Age

Yes ladies, that really is my sexy voice.
Well, I figured it was time to pretend to be on the cutting edge again. My yearning to further enhance this blog, along with my nostalgia of my old radio show at Syracuse, has led me to record the first of what I hope will be many podcasts for Orange::44. Today we discuss Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, and some other small things that you will hopefully enjoy. My hope is that you will enjoy these audio experiences for the same reasons you like reading this site. Do not fret, I will continue to write articles in prose form, and that will remain the bulk of this endeavor. However, hopefully once a week, or possibly more, you will hear me relive my radio days and take to the microphone once again. Enjoy this first podcast, and try not to be too harsh. It has been a few years since my final radio show in the lowly WERW studios in the Schine Student Center. To download this podcast click here.

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7 Responses to “Orange::44 Joins The Podcast Age”

  1. # Blogger Poncho Sinatra

    As an alumni of Ridge Road elementary and graduate of the reknown "Thomas A. Edison" School of broadcasting, it's good to hear a Blue Raider Podcasting.


    P.S.-Can you hook me up with some Raiderade?? I used to love that shit!  

  2. # Anonymous Axeman

    *snapping fingers, music plays, Axe dancing*

    It's my podcast vs yours Harrison!! There isn't room enough for both of us in this crazy podcast worl...hold on a second, I'm due for a song..."MARIA"!!!!"  

  3. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Damn. Raiderade really brings me back. That was some good stuff. I'm sure the TAE School of Broadcasting is proud of you folks over at the Hump too. And you are right, the Elbow Room wings are the best.

    Axe, If you are singing Maria, does that mean you have to sing "I Feel Pretty" too? Because that I would probably pay to see.  

  4. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    I liked it better when I imagined you sounded like Antonio Banderas  

  5. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    What are you saying? Because, that is how it sounds in my head.

    And to everyone else: yes I know I said um a lot, but it will get better the more I do this. Like I said, it has been a while since I was on the radio last.  

  6. # Blogger John

    I loved the sign-off. Real classy.

    And on a side-note, supposedly Greg Robinson spoke at Broadway Middle School in Elmira today. I'm not sure if he was looking for recruits, giving some sort of "inspirational" talk ("We've got some very, very tough competition out there, but these kids are playing their hearts out. They're trying. And I think they're better than they were last week."), or maybe he's making a very shameless plug for "The Express." At any rate, I have a source inside the school. When I get some more info, maybe I'll write a special to Orange::44.  

  7. # Blogger Johnny

    Great job Brian. Really enjoyable listen even for someone that isn't all that interested in Orange sports. Please do keep this going!  

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