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Mike, were you talking to me? Him? Me? I can't tell where you are looking.
I have been a little behind on my internet browsing duties later, being out of town and all. However, my friend John pointed out this story done by our good friend over at State of the Orange. In it, he states the basic premise that the Carrier Dome Public Address Announcer, Michael Veley, is absolutely atrocious. I, like most people, completely agree.

The previous Dome announcer, Carl Eilenburg, while occasionally boring, was never a determent to the game. His smooth voice, that had been in the operation from the opening of the Carrier Dome, retired at the end of the lacrosse season in 2006. While Carl kept it simple, you always felt informed, and you felt that the game was enhanced and not hurt.

Now we get this tool bag with a googly eye who says “drilled and spilled” no less than 12 times during football, and says “duce for the ‘Cuse” about 17 times every basketball game. This guy, who had been terrible at marketing for the university, so much that he was removed from the position, was removed to "head the Sports Management Program". The guy that was so terrible as a member of the Athletic Department, was removed and given this job. He makes me want to listen to nails on a chalkboard. Just reading what this guy stated when he first got the job, especially related to the football team, just makes me angry in numerous ways.

My favorite memory of Veley involves him in the 2005-2006 basketball season, when he was sitting at the scorers table. Terrance Roberts was going after a loose ball heading for the sideline and he flew into the table and basically into the lap of Veley. Roberts surprised Veley who apparently was not paying attention. As a result of the collision Veley broke his pinky on one of his hands. It remains an inside joke among myself and my friends, most notably being done the best by Vito, a good friend of Orange::44. This incident further leading me to believe this guy has no clue what is going on.

All of these negative feelings, inspired by our good friend’s post, has motivated me to make the removal of Mike Veley, or at least some sort of acknowledgment on the part of the university admitting he is terrible, critical. This mission is still secondary to the primary mission that Orange::44 founder Matt Glaude outlined, to chronicle the daily disaster that is Syracuse Athletics. Mission A1 will now be the aforementioned goal. Mr. Excitement should not be the public address announcer, no more than Nancy Cantor should be the Chancellor. Therefore, until Veley is removed or some acknowledgment is made, I will do my best for each game I attend in person to outline what was so awful on his part. In each postgame reaction I will comment on something I find egregious, which there should be plenty to comment on. Stay tuned for the chronicling of the daily disaster, as well as the new mission I, and everyone out there, should undertake. There is strength in numbers my friends.


2 Responses to “Orange::44 Points The Crosshairs”

  1. # Anonymous Vito

    STOP PLAYING OVER MY ADS! No one does Mike Veley like Uncle Vito.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    He may be atrocious as an announcer, but you've got the situation with his leaving the Athletics dept. completely wrong. He left his position in athletics because the new athletic director was (and still is) a pompous ass. This guy left his wife and kids for white chick half his age who he then made his marketing assistant. Veley left because of that and no other reason. He was hired as the director of the sport management program because he was the best guy for the job - he's proven that. He can't teach to save his life, he's fucking his secretary (behind his wife's back), and was given the title of Professor of Practice by his dean, whose own "rise to fame" is something of a joke in and of itself.  

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