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The Taj Train is Leaving the Station

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It has been reported that Taj Smith will elect to forgo his last year of eligibility to enter the NFL Draft. While this will no doubt impact the wide receiver core next season, it is interesting to see if this is the right move for a 25 year old such as myself. So, with the analysis hat on, I will explore the pros and cons of Taj leaving for him and the team.
Taj Smith Leaving – Pros
Could be drafted high.
Has a lot of athletic ability.
Earns a lot of runs after the catch.
A dependable receiver.
Could be a solid third or fourth option for an NFL Quarterback.
Will have already earned his degree.
Will possibly not suffer another losing season.
Has awesome hair for the NFL.
Cash Money Bling.

Taj Smith Leaving – Cons
Probably will not be invited to the NFL Combine.
Could remain undrafted.
Could be cut if he does make a squad.
Will miss out on another year to get better.
There is nothing like college.
His stats are not all that amazing.
Not in the same league as elite receivers of the NFL.
Probably not in the top five of receivers even in the Big East.
No other opportunity to take Beer & Wine Appreciation.
Had been diagnosed with the dropsies on a few occasions.

Impact on Syracuse – Pros
Allows younger players to step up.
Gets rid of an injury prone receiver.
Syracuse graduation rate is improved by him leaving.
Good recruiting tool to put another player from Syracuse in the NFL.
The sooner he gets paid, the sooner he can donate to the school.
The wide receiver core is solid enough without him.
Taj has had the dropsies on occasion.

Impact on Syracuse – Cons
We lose an excellent option at wide receiver.
There is the loss of one of Robinson’s favorite targets.
Does ‘Cuse no good to have another former player cut from an NFL team.
Wide receiver core losing veteran who could help younger players.
Wide receiver core not solid enough to lose such a target.
Just to give you some perspective, here are Taj Smith’s career statistics at Syracuse:Receptions: 56, Yards: 1049, Average: 18.8, TD: 8, Fumbles: 0.
Note: Taj Smith sat out over half the 2006 Season with a collar bone injury.
So you can decide for yourself if Taj leaving is a good move for him or Syracuse. Personally, I get the sense that he has done all he wants to do at Syracuse and is mentally ready to attempt to progress to the next level. If he makes it remains to be determined. I also think that Syracuse is deep enough at the wide receiver position that they should be alright in this area. I do want to wish him the best of luck, and if he does become successful in the NFL, remind him that Syracuse could always use some extra cash.


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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I think taj stays if we won 7 games and next year looked better. Winning helps. Good luck taj!  

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