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Apparently whenever I watch a game they do well. For instance, I went to the games over winter break and we did well. We had season lows for turnovers, and Onuaku blew up on offense and rebounds. When I have class and cannot watch the game because of class like this past Wednesday, well things do not appear to go as well. Apparently I cannot do an article that highlights our two basketball teams after they have wins as well, beacuse clearly they will both lose the next game.

I did not watch this game at all because I cannot get the ESPN regional games (which is ridiculous because I am in the northeast), so therefore I believe it is unfair to really give a good game recap, but I do have some thoughts.

First, the team for the first time all year, shot very well from the free throw line. They shot 75%, making 18 of 24. This is a vast improvement, and a jump by about 20% in their free throws. If they continue to get better from the line then the liability of losing because of missed free throws, as well as one of my biggest concerns about this team, will evaporate.

They also committed fewer turnovers than Cincinnati. This game the Orange only had 14, and Greene improved by only committing three. This is again a good sign of the orange in conference play.

Sadly, Onuaku had a poor game only managing three points and five rebounds. This, I believe, was one of the biggest reasons we lost. The last few games Syracuse has dominated the boards and the low post. This game exposed the potential weakness of that game plan, as if rebounds are not easy to come by, and points from the big men down low are scarce, it will be a long day for Syracuse.

Speaking of rebounds, we were severely less successful than the Bearcats at earning them. They achieved 38 rebounds and 17 offensive boards to our 29 and 11 respectively. This is a terrible effort and most likely contributed to the demise of Syracuse’s unbeaten conference streak.

I will give some love to Harris and Greene who had good games, but overall the team did not appear to look good at all.

Syracuse will have to improve its rebounding and regain its offensive rhythm in the frontcourt if Syracuse will hope to build upon its successes. Now the kids know what it is like to play in a hostile environment in the Big East, and hopefully will not be rattled by the sight of burning furniture tomorrow. It will be interesting to see the first ever match up between Jim Boeheim and Bob Huggins. I will have postgame coverage on the West Virginia affair tomorrow evening. Until then, decide who you wanted to lose more, UConn or Georgetown. I couldn’t even decide myself. However, if you saw the ending of that game, you now cannot wait to see how Hibbert does against Syracuse this time around, as he has been terrible against the Orange his entire career.

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4 Responses to “Syracuse - Cincinnati Postgame Reactions OR Apparently I Can't Go To Class”

  1. # Blogger Jameson

    You should check out if you don't get it on TV. Most cable companies carry it. All of ESPN's full court games are carried on it as well as some on the U.  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Oh believe me I have. Comcast does not play well with ESPN as I don't get the U or 360.  

  3. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    What does the crying child do during basketball season? Might need to call upon his services soon...  

  4. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    He doesn't sleep... he waits.  

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