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Syracuse got just what it needed. After a dreadful loss down in Morgantown Syracuse bounced back with a big win at home, though it was against the worst team in the conference. Syracuse’s offensive woes were helped and the two freshmen (yeah, you know which two) got back to work as they combined for 43 of Syracuse’s 81 points. For now, all is right in the land of Orange.

We start with the smiling Jonny Flynn, who bounced back from an 11 point outing at West Virginia with 24 points, five rebounds, and four assists. The kid found his game again as he also hit two out of three shots from three point land.

Donte Greene was next behind Jonny with 19 points and four rebounds. This is also an improvement of his ten measly points from last game. His shot seemed to improve from the last game as he made seven field goals out of 15 tries. He also seemed to have vastly improved shot selection over the previous contest. Than again, it is not like Syracuse was ever trailing in this game.

It was also nice to see more than seven names in the Box Score. Finally, some walkons got to play a little more as this game really was never in doubt. That rest for the starters will hopefully pay dividends for ‘Cuse on Saturday.

Turnovers were again an issue, and against such a terrible Big East team, it is a travesty that Syracuse earned 17 and more than Rutgers. Flynn and Harris were the big winners with four each. I have said it all year. You know the drill.

Free throws were again up as well. The team made 62% of their shots. That would be 13 of 21. As my friend Stef would say, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Anything above 55% is a moral victory for the team at this point.

We again saw a low scoring night for Arinze Onuaku, only managing nine points. While normally this would be poorly reflective of the offensive night as going inside has become a big part of Syracuse’s game plan with the injury to Devendorf, but I believe in this game it was simply due to the hot hands of Greene and especially Flynn.

This was a nice game, and a good win overall. But, it was supposed to be. This was like the Buffalo game of the football season. Sad if we lost, just fine if we won. There was nothing spectacular in this game, and certainly based on the competition, no major inferences about how the team will due this Saturday against Villanova can be made. A hearty good job to the team though.

Big long weekend coming up for the Orange as Syracuse will face #21 Villanova Saturday at home, and then travel to DC to take on #6 Georgetown at the Verizon Center. If Roy Hibbert hits a three to win the game I am officially selling the rest of my season tickets. I will be at both games as I mentioned before so expect a mega blog recap coming in the middle of next week.

Before I go, my good friend Sean At Nunes/Magician sent me an e-mail which had the link to the Axeman’s latest recap. In his Rutgers article he gives a quote from Donte Greene himself who comments on my video of him playing the drums with the Sour Sitrus Society after the women’s Louisville game. He had this to say:
"(laughs). Yeah, I was at a girl's game. The band has been asking me to
come play the drums, because I played it one time at practice and shocked
everybody. So I went over during the girl's game and played it, and it made it
on YouTube. I have been playing the drums since I was in elementary school. I
played for my church. Since basketball really got going for me in high school, I
kinda stopped playing, but it was fun to go out there and play."

Pretty cool stuff. It is really cool to know Donte has seen it. Now if only he would read the blog. Hat Tip to Nunes/Magician and The Axeman. Hopefully I’ll be seeing Axe in person before the ‘Nova game this Saturday before we see an excellent Big East matchup. Until next week remember that somewhere right this second Buzz Shaw is drinking a beer, remembering the good times.

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