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We find out so you can just read it. Note: Brian Harrison not pictured.

There are some stories that have fallen through the cracks here at Orange::44, so it is high time to catch you up slightly, along with a little self congratulations. We are huge dorks for even knowing about some of this stuff, so you can be too.

Normally I do not put a lot of stock into this man, but I am always willing to listen to him. Recently on his insider blog on Mel Kiper selected our kicker, Patrick “Fat Ass” Shadle, as the second best junior kicker in the nation, only behind Sam Swank of Wake Forrest. While Shadle did not crack the overall top five, clearly Kiper respects his kicking game, as well as the fact he can probably win in an eating contest. The complete top five junior kickers are below:

Junior Place Kickers
1. Sam Swank, Wake Forest
2. Patrick Shadle, Syracuse
3. Louie Sakoda, Utah
4. Conor Lee, Pittsburgh
5. Jeff Wolfert, Missouri

The wise and powerful douchebags at Maxim Magazine online have stated that Syracuse has the third most annoying fans in the NCAA. They say NCAA but I assume they really mean basketball, as those are the only pictures they have. The picture is from, I assume, the 2002-2003 season in which we were undefeated at home. I think this is a joke.

I would love to know the criteria that they judged any of this on. Frankly, I do not think Maxim is even remotely qualified to judge any of this and I am guessing that there is some disgruntled Kansas alum on the writing staff there. It is just an unfounded attack on the Big East and ACC. Either way, I know other schools have way worse fans than us. Syracuse is too “fair weather” to be as bad as they allege. I will give them slight props for having Duke at number one and two, but that in and of itself invalidates the whole exercise. That top five is also below:

NCAA’s Most Annoying Fans
5. Boston College
4. Villanova
3. Syracuse
2. Duke
1. Duke

Basketball Preview
While this is not my actual basketball preview (that will come out later) and Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook have released their team preview of Syracuse. They talk about how we got snubbed and how the Orange will be ready to take on the Big East this season. If you are an Insider you can view that story here. If not, don’t waste your money and just look for our preview here. It will be out soon.

A little self love for us here at Orange::44. Brent Axe of The Axeman Bloggeth on picked up our little Jim Boeheim Press Conference Drinking game and added it to his “12 Days of ‘Cusemas” series. His post is here. Thanks for the love Axe. We heart your work too.

To wrap up this hodgepodge, I got into the interrogation room ("The Box" for you Homicide fans out there) and let MariusJanulisForThree of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician grill me. We continue our series started last week when he dropped by our site for a little Nunes::44. He, of course, asked some tough and interesting questions and my responses are here. Enjoy a little Orange::44/Magician.

With football still looming, the reprieve of basketball quickly approaches. We have our final exhibition contest versus the Dolphins of LeMoyne on Wednesday. The real basketball season begins on November 12th, and the UConn football game in East Hartford, CT, will be on Saturday November 17th at Noon. Look for coverage of varying degrees of depth on these games, and be sure to keep checking out our cohort over at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician. I hear he can play wipeout on the drums and his mix tape is a masterpiece. Also, he is one sharp fellow when it comes to SU Athletics.

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