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Running game... yes please!
It is hard to quantify how important, and how terrible the Buffalo game was in a single blog article. It was very important to show that yes, Syracuse can manage to beat a team. With recruiting on the line against an up and coming Buffalo team, this was really a huge win for Syracuse. However, me just saying that means there is something seriously wrong with a Syracuse program that for so long was a flagship of the Big East football conference. Worrying about losing to a team with the stature of Buffalo is not something Orange Nation is used to as well. Time to do some grading.

Syracuse has a run game? Where the F did this come from? Who are we? Do I? Yes have some. What? What horn? Anyway, now that that is out of the way, we managed to gain 179 total rush yards. Curtis Brinkley contributed 40 yards on six carries before breaking his leg. He will not return the remainder of the season. However, the big story has to be true freshman Doug Hogue stepping up and contributing 83 yards on 24 carries and adding a touchdown. Andrew Robinson had some happy feet as he ran a couple QB Draw plays for some big yards and key moments. His day in the air was not as productive (15/28, 265yds, 1 TD, 2 INT). While one INT was clearly not his fault, the other was. Robinson has been mostly consistent but we saw Robinson underthrown passes and fail to properly lead receivers this game. It happens once in a while, so I guess it is good it happened against Buffalo. Hell, Syracuse did get a touchdown on a 99 yard drive. Mile Williams had six receptions for 113 yards and a touchdown, and Taj Smith had a 60 yard reception in the big 99 yard drive. But with the offense failing to score a touchdown in the second half, despite the good progress with running and the Offensive Line blocking well, this offense barely gets any credit.

I mean, look, it is not hard to get a good grade against Buffalo when you play in the Big East. We should win this game every day of the week. However, Buffalo failed to score a touchdown, and that is mostly related to the defense. Buffalo was limited to a total of 73 rush yards, and while the Buffalo QB did complete 32 passes (a Buffalo team record) for 286 yards, none were for a touchdown. The defense did fail to record a sack or interception though. But Syracuse did have a solid day against a team they should have had a solid day against. So you get the B my friends, and a hearty job well done. Bully show man!

Special Teams
I still heart our special teams unit. While they do not get a better grade than a B+ from me for letting Buffalo have some big kickoff returns, they still played great overall, including forcing a Buffalo return fumble at the Buffalo 26 yard line, which resulted in a touchdown in the remaining seconds of the second quarter. Mike Holmes and Max Suter had four kick returns for a total of 89 yards. Patrick “Fat Ass” Shadle was 2/2 on field goals, the longest being 39 yards, as well as hitting his two extra points. Rob “Heisman” Long had two amazing punts that were downed on the two and one yard lines. Simply a spectacular job on the day. Rob Long also had a quick kick punt on another third down which turned out to be a 71 yard punt that ended up on the Buffalo 15. We were facing a third and twenty situation in the third quarter, we were leading, and our defense was playing well. I do not think we would have converted and Buffalo did not notice Long in the game to kick. It worked out perfectly and resulted in an excellent field position move for Syracuse. All in all another excellent day on the special side of life.

By calling a few QB Draw and option plays this allowed us to go to a play action, as well as some deep ball plays, which resulted in huge gains for the Syracuse offense. By far, this was one of the best coached games Greg Robinson and his staff have had. Although, with a B, is that really saying much?

B-/B depending on how you round your grades. (2.9)
On a day when Syracuse could have easily been embarrassed by another non-conference foe, Syracuse stepped up and played to some semblance of ability, despite half the team on life support, and their top RB breaking his leg. They earned another win for Greg Robinson, and earned a little kudos going into a much needed bye week. Hopefully they will come out ready and prepared for Pittsburgh in Hines Field.

Again, I am not sure how to react to this game presently. Yes it was a win, but over Buffalo, is that saying enough? Is it saying anything? Will this be the last win Greg Robinson earns at Syracuse University? Someone whose pay grade is way above mine will decide. Soon. But for now, with a bye week coming up, and mega excitement building over the Syracuse Basketball team, this win, as the song says, may not be Miss. Right, but she’ll do right now.

Stay tuned to Orange::44 for our starting Basketball coverage on this football bye week as well as some other articles in the works. Enjoy watching the Madness video again and again and remember football is over soon.


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    I really think Syracuse could be the MAC. Bring on hoops, please, I'm begging you, bring on hoops  

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