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Greetings from Syracuse, New York! If you could not make it out to Homecoming you missed quite the game. An unbelievable upset in the Do... yeah no. Rutgers outplayed us in a lot of ways. I was willing to give Robinson a lot of slack after the Louisville win, but now I am back on the bandwagon. This. Coach. Must. Go. All in all, a fine weekend in town, once again thanks to all the friends I saw for making the trip, and if you made it to the hill I hope you enjoyed your time back on the hill with old friends. To the report card.
We looked pretty damn good for the first half of the first quarter. We put together solid drives, catching balls, and actually making some good runs. Then we, as per usual, shit the bed. Robinson (15/32, 158yds, 1 TD, 1 INT) did not look good after his touchdown, hence we did not score again the rest of the game. Curtis Brinkley actually had a decent game for once (98yds on 15att, 6.1avg, 1 TD) which means you would think that we had a good game overall, but no. Taj Smith had some wicked dropsies and the offense stalled more times that an ‘89 Mustang. Pretty bad overall.
Same old story here. The team allowed Rutgers to gain 538 total yards. Once again we could not stop the run as Ray Rice ripped off 196 yards and three touchdowns. I have said it before, I will say it again, why are we not playing more man coverage on defense? Considering we let Rutgers wide receivers have about seven yards to run before we pick them up, Mr. Teal had a field day on many short throws. Also, I am very glad that Syracuse has regressed in tackling fundamentals. You are not going to stop a 200 pound man running full speed by tackling an arm. The frustration continues because no one can rely on the defense to make a stop when it is needed.
Special Teams
Max Suter was again outstanding. I’m on the Sutter for Heisman bandwagon as well. He had seven returns for a total of 198 yards. Patrick “Fat Ass” Shadle hit two extra points on two attempts. Rob “Heisman” Long punted amazingly as well, punting seven times for a total of 316 yards. His longest was 64 yards and three were behind the 20. Another solid performance from the special teams unit. The one negative spot was a punt that was blocked and returned to the Syracuse one yard line.
On the Rutgers game, Greg Robinson stated, "I'm seeing the same things happen and when I see the same things happen, that's what worries me. When I see the same things happen, is it the players, is it the coaches or maybe it's both I don't know that for certain. I want to see what we are doing. I want to see why we're not executing and why we're breaking down in different areas. It gets to a point where, all of a sudden, we're starting to get guys banged - that's the thing that bothers me - all of a sudden guys are leaving the field, because they are just getting beat up. I'm not going to say all the same things. I'm just going to tell you, I really need to assess what are we asking our players to do and whether they are capable of doing it. If they are, then they need to be held accountable for what they're not doing right. I'm not going to sit here and tell you we should have done this and we should have done that or we could have done this. I don't know that and I want to see it." Really Greg??? Really?! Awesome!!!
D+ (1.43)
On a lovely Homecoming day, when the team could have pulled an upset against a down Rutgers squad, we once again receive disappointment. Again we find out that Special Teams cannot win a game by itself. Happy Homecoming to you too Greg.
Special shout out to all of the friends I saw this weekend. Thank you to Faegan’s for providing the venue for the entertainment of the weekend. Thanks to the fine folks again at 125 for the place to crash and the good times. If you missed Homecoming this year do not fret, it is only another year away. Then again, feel good knowing you avoided watching the travesty of the football program in person. GRob must go and, as always, Go Orange!

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2 Responses to “Rutgers - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR How to RUin a Perfectly Good Homecoming”

  1. # Anonymous Rob

    You forgot to mention the only real catch made by someone from Syracuse was Jayme's pants and that packet of ketchup  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Most amazing shot I will ever see with a condiment. If anyone has a picture please send it along.  

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